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Rid Cellulite, skin needlingcellulite

Rid Cellulite-What is cellulite?
Cellulite is dimpling or a change in the structure of the skin caused by changes in the connective tissue structure, skin needling cellulite frequently helps. It is estimated that over 80% of women have some form of cellulite usually in the hips and thigh area. It is often referred to as orange peel skin or cottage cheese due to its appearance.
What Causes Cellulite?
In looking at the causes there are two areas to consider. The first is the lifestyle causes and the second is the medical. In terms of lifestyle high levels of stress, diet and exercise have all been shown to play a part in worsening cellulite.
Physiologically cellulite is caused largely by a lack of circulation in the area. There is also a more detailed explanation behind this. People often wonder why women and not men are generally affected by cellulite. There are several reasons for this. The female skin has more elasticity and more fat cells in the sub-dermal tissue (just below the skin). Depending on nutrition, lifestyle and genetics the volume of these fat cells can increase. This volume change allows the fat cells to squeeze through the parallel arranged collagen fibres and become visible on the skins surface creating the ripple like appearance. Men's collagen fibres are in fact arranged in a net structure so it is more difficult for this to happen. The reason it largely happens in the hip and thigh region is that estrogen ensures these areas have larger levels of fat deposits in women.
The problem is that once cellulite is established it causes additional metabolism problems and the cellulite naturally gets worse. This is because the enlarged fat cells obstruct lymph and blood drainage. This is one of the reasons that exercise and diet alone are often not enough to remove cellulite and additional steps may need to be taken.
How the Skin Needling Roller assists cellulite removal
The Skin Needling Roller assists cellulite in two ways.

• It increases circulation in the area of the cellulite. As you recall lack of circulation was one of the principal causes of cellulite so this can help move lymphatic fluids and increase blood drainage in the area.

•Skin needling can increase the absorption of any anti cellulite skin care by up to 10,000 times in a single treatment.
This can obviously make a dramatic difference to the results you achieve in any cellulite treatment regime. This dramatic increase in transdermal absorption (skin penetration of skin care products) is a huge benefit in assisting cellulite but there are also other factors to consider with it. By increasing your absorption of any skin care they can also increase your absorption of any toxic products you apply to your skin. For this reason White Lotus always recommends you thoroughly read the ingredients of any skin care product you use with the Skin Needling Roller.
 Recommended Skin Needling Roller use
When working on cellulite White Lotus recommends you use the 1.0mm home use roller with the organic cellulite serum. The serum is an all natural product comprised of traditional Chinese herbs which have been used to increase circulation for thousands of years infused in an organic green tea oil base. By using an all natural effective product you can take full advantage of the increased transdermal absorption provided by the Skin Needling Roller without worries about increasing your absorption of toxic by products in some skin care products.It is best to combine this treatment with a course of in clinic treatments with a white lotus trained therapist. The 1.0mm Skin Needling Roller we have found in clinic achieves the best results with cellulite. This pack is great to use after a course of treatments, for maintenance and prevention.
Other lifestyle tips to reduce cellulite
Cellulite is not an easy problem to treat. It is very important that if you are serious about getting results that you follow a healthy diet and exercise regime as well as skin needling cellulite
White Lotus recommends when treating cellulite you

•Take regular exercise at a level suitable to your fitness level.
•Eat a healthy well balanced diet based largely on wholefoods.

•Reduce your stress levels wherever possible as stress has been shown to be a contributing factor to the formation of cellulite so you can rid cellulite.