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Jade Crystal Facial

Your Match - The Jade Crystal Facial

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  • Jade Crystal for your Skin Type
  • Jade Crystal for your Acupuncture meridians
  • Jade Crystal for your Chakras

jade crystal facial

Skin Type - Suitable for oily, blemish and acne prone skin

Jade is also a beautiful, cool stone that possesses wonderful balancing benefits for oily, overactive skin prone to breakouts.

From young skin in hormonal fluctuation to oily skin types of any age suffering with larger pores and inflammation, Jade has a natural purifying, detoxifying and stabilizing quality that helps it clarify and brighten the skin.

In traditional Chinese medicine, acne and inflammation are correlated to heat in the body either in the blood or on the epidermis. With natural cooling qualities, Jade can help neutralise this heat.  Jade is a focused healer with a very specific functionality in relation to skin type.

By selecting Jade as your crystal facial, your complexion will become clarified and luminous,will help clear and illuminate your at times oily or acne prone skin.

Learn more about performing the Jade Crystal Facial at home

Acupuncture Meridian - connected to the Liver Meridian and Wood Element

In Chinese medicine, Jade’s green colour and therapeutic properties connect it to the liver and gall bladder. It is also connected to the heart both in western and Chinese culture and so some of the properties overlap.

The liver is responsible for the even flow of qi (energy) and blood throughout the system; a healthy flow of energy connects to a balanced emotional wellbeing, it is the organ most susceptible to excessive stress.

The relationship between control of the flow of qi and blood around the body means that any sluggishness in the liver can quickly manifest in menstrual issues, PMT is closely associated with this for women.

Liver imbalance can attack other biological function, often the digestion is affected first leading to stomach and digestive issues.

In Chinese medicine where each organ is not just referred to as a physical object but rather represent a system of energy flow and communication throughout the body from the 5 main organs.

Each organ relates directly to a sensory function. For the liver it is the eyes. Issues including blurry vision, red or dry eyes, itchy eyes, may refer to a deeper concern that liver function is impaired. In fact if a patient presents with unexplained red eyes, in Chinese medicine they may be diagnosed with liver qi stagnation so severe it has turned to fire.

Different areas of tissue health, are governed by the organs. For the liver, any tendon issues are ascribed to issues with the liver and the wood element in the body.

Each organ is connected to a taste sensation; for liver it is sour. If energy flow is believed to be impaired, vinegar based foods and supplements will often be prescribed.

Emotional wellbeing plays a significant part in overall health management. Anger is the emotion associated with the liver so, if irritation, frustration and overwhelm are dominating the mindset, it is likely the liver is not functioning optimally.

Liver malfunction is often related to excess, creating too much heat and inflammation within the body, so the cooling, anti-inflammatory properties of Jade help soothe, detoxify and calm inflammatory responses in the complexion that may manifest as overactive breakouts and flushing to the skin.

Learn more about performing the Jade Crystal Facial  at home.

Chakra - Benefits the Heart Chakra

Like Rose Quartz, Jade is connected to the heart chakra.

Considered a stone of purity, serenity and longevity, it is prized for strong detoxifying qualities that help purge the skin of unwanted toxins that threaten to create flux within the skin and help cleanse impurities in the body.

By deeply connecting to the heart chakra, this healing stone cleanses, connects and grounds, giving a sense of tranquility. By helping unblock negativity related to emotional relationships, either historic or present, it can enable a more seamless relationship with love itself.

jade crystal facial

Learn more about performing the Jade Crystal Facial at home

Now you understand how our unique chemical free crystal can benefit you, we have a special offer for you.

Our Jade Crystal facial at home collection is the ideal way to optimise your skin health transformation and represents 30% off individual RRP.

The Jade Crystal Facial Pack includes

  • The White Lotus Activated Crystal Face serum
  • The Jade Crystal Roller
  • The organic Green Tea Face Oil
  • The Jade Crystal Gua Sha
  • Full Instructions including video links on how to perform the crystal facial
  • The unique White Lotus Lifetime Guarantee on the genuine crystal beauty tools

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