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Our Ingredients Pledge

“Anthony and Kamila have devoted their entire lives to natural medicine and natural cosmetics. We strongly believe this is the way forward and take true pride in both the contents and the effectiveness of every product we create.”

White Lotus Beauty ingredients

In a beauty industry where companies often concentrate all their efforts into marketing strategies, White Lotus is committed to offering only natural made products that catch the essence of your natural beauty. Passion and devotion are the keywords that reveal the story behind our products.

How can you Check?


All of White Lotus cosmetic products are certified vegan, as it is a part of our lifestyle and philosophy.


All of White Lotus cosmetic products are produced without animal testing. Natural botanical-based products never require animal testing.


White Lotus uses certified organic ingredients, sustaining our commitment to offering only natural obtained products.
We strive to combat the misleading labels of cosmetic products that use images and phrases ‘Contains organic ingredients’ designed to allure the viewer into thinking they are entirely organic. When reading the ingredients list, you will notice 1 % of an organic product or less, followed by the usual toxic ingredients.

Because of this we are listing the percentage of organic ingredients on each product. For example, the ‘Activated Jade and Tourmaline Crystal Serum’ is made from 90% certified organic ingredients, while the ‘Organic Green Tea Facial Oil’ contains 100% certified organic ingredients.

If one of our products has no organic ingredients, we assure you they are still considered and recognized as natural and safe by groups like the Soil Association.

Minimal Ethanol

In the cosmetic industry it is normal to use ethanol to extract the active ingredients from herbs. Where ever possible White Lotus prefers oil extraction. This limits the use of ethanol. If you need to avoid ethanol in products for any reason please check the ingredients tab on the product descriptions. You will usually be happily surprised.

White Lotus skincare

What ingredients don't we use?

Often it is what is left out that is as important as what is left in. Below we have provided a link to a full list of all the commonly used cosmetic ingredients we refuse to use in our products.

If you have a particular allergen and need help on a particular ingredient simply contact us we are there to help.

Ingredients we Avoid

Not sure how to read cosmetic labels?

No problem it does often appear they are designed to confuse. Please see our quick guide below which should put you on the right track.

Still not sure? Simply contact us and we are happy to assist.

White Lotus how to read a cosmetic label