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Rose Quartz Crystal Facial

Your Match - The Rose Quartz Crystal Facial

Please scroll down to better understand how the Rose Quartz crystal has been uniquely selected for you.

  • Rose Quartz for your Skin Type
  • Rose Quartz for your Acupuncture meridians
  • Rose Quartz for your Chakras

rose quartz crystal facial

Skin Type - Suitable for Normal, Combination, Sensitive, Blemish or acne prone skin

Like Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz is supremely versatile and is beneficial to a breadth of skin types.

Like Jade it can benefit oily or acne prone skin but it also works brilliantly on combination, normal and sensitive skin.

This adaptability makes it ideal for supporting fluctuations in the skin from hormonal breakouts, reactive inflammation and bringing strength to skin showing early signs of ageing such as fine lines. It also has a harmonising effect, which inspires luminosity to the skin.

Rose Quartz crystal benefits the heart charka and also the organ of the heart in Chinese Medicine. Balancing the heart qi (energy) and blood explains the connection to improving fine wrinkles and mild dryness, while its ability to soothe inflammation, reactivity and control breakouts and hormonal fluctuation, can be attributed to the association with heat or fire in Chinese Medicine.

If Rose Quartz has been selected for you, you will feel immense benefit from its soothing energy and ability to balance a wide variety of elements in your skin.

Learn more about performing the Rose Quartz Crystal Facial at home.

Acupuncture Meridian - connected to the Heart Meridian and Fire Element

Rose quartz with a delicate blush of pink transcends time with its ancient symbolism of love, attraction and the heart.

In Chinese medicine it is no different but additionally, each organ is believed to control a number of biological functions through a system of energy flow and communication throughout the body from the 5 main organs.

The heart is considered to control blood vessels, the tongue and taste as its sensory organ and sweat or perspiration as the fluid of the heart.

Some of the organs in Chinese medicine are only usually associated with a single or limited patterns. The heart however is more multifaceted. The heart can be weak in qi and blood, it can suffer blood torpor or can be affected by excess fire from below. This means imbalance within the heart can manifest a wide pattern of symptoms.

Examples of heart qi deficiency can present with excessive sweating, while a red tip of the tongue can indicate heart fire.

Additionally, digestive imbalance can affect heart qi and blood deficiency which in turn depletes nourishment of the heart.

Thankfully Rose Quartz has a balancing effect on the heart and so can help neutralise  and order symptoms.

For the complexion this means Rose Quartz can help balance floridity to the skin, it can also minimise fine lines attributed to heart and qi and blood deficiency.

This beautiful, comforting and versatile crystal will help bring harmony, reassurance and a profound benefit to emotional and physical wellbeing.

Learn more about performing the Rose Quartz Crystal Facial at home.

Chakra - Benefits the Heart Chakra

The association between the Heart Chakra (Anahata) and Rose Quartz is perhaps one of the most well known. The blush of pink naturally lends itself to images of love and attachment.

The heart chakra controls more than romantic love, it helps support our ability to display compassion and empathy to others, as well as our capacity for self-love and emotional wellbeing.

Rose Quartz is considered a bridge between the lower chakras associated with the material world and the upper chakras associated more with spirituality.

As stated, Chinese medicine organs do not correspond with the location of western organs. This however is the rare exception where they match exactly both believing Rose Quartz to have a powerful balancing effect on the area of the heart.

Jade crystal is also associated with the heart chakra and the crystal selection will reflect the areas of your life you are experiencing more issues with. Both however will help open the heart chakra and balance any issues associated with love and your ability to cherish yourself.

rose quartz crystal facial 2

Performing the Rose Quartz Crystal Facial at home

Now you understand how our unique chemical free crystal can benefit you, we have a special offer for you.

Our Rose Quartz Crystal facial at home collection is the ideal way to optimise your skin health transformation and represents 30% off individual RRP.

The Rose Quartz Crystal Facial Pack includes

  • The White Lotus Activated Crystal Face serum
  • The Rose Quartz Crystal Roller
  • The organic Green Tea Face Oil
  • The Rose Quartz Crystal Gua Sha
  • Full Instructions including video links on how to perform the crystal facial
  • The unique White Lotus Lifetime Guarantee on the genuine crystal beauty tools

Learn More About the unique Rose Quartz Crystal Facial