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Skin Needling Scam

Below are a short description and explanation of why these skin needling scams are untrue and best avoided.

Skin Needling only works when performed with vitamin A (Retinol products)

There is currently no evidence that vitamin A is necessary to achieve results with skin needling. In fact, two of the best pieces of skin needling research showing how effective skin needling can be were conducted without the use of any vitamin A (1,2).

One of these studies showed an increase in collagen of up to 1,000% without the use of vitamin A.

Only 1.5mm length micro needles induce collagen.

This has been repeatedly shown to be untrue in research since it was first reported that 0.5mm needles are the shortest to increase collagen in 2005 (3). The 0.5mm has also been shown to be actually more effective at increasing trans-dermal absorption than the 1.5mm due to ideal delivery depth (4).

0.15-0.3 mm micro needles are long enough to induce collagen

The less said about this the better. This has been repeatedly disproved and yet is still used to sell shorter micro needles that are subject to less regulation as they don’t reach the dermis level. 

It is not true and any company that claims they do work should be avoided like the plague.

Any skin care product is safe to be used with skin needling

Skin needling can increase trans-dermal absorption by up to 10,000 times (5). This means that any products that are not natural, safe for internal consumption and specifically designed to be used with skin needling should be avoided.

White Lotus only recommends products that are actually safe for internal consumption with skin needling.

All Skin Needling Rollers are sterile

Again unfortunately this is not true. We strongly suggest you check with the manufacturer that the rollers are professionally sterilised.

It is also a good idea to ensure these are machine assembled to ensure they have not been exposed to potential needle stick injuries.

FDA labelled Rollers have been approved by the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) 

There are currently no rollers in the world that have been approved by the FDA. 

Many companies use this recognition falsely and those that have applied have simply paid a $100 fee to self-certify. There is no independent inspection and no guarantee of quality.

Results can only be achieved with aggressive treatments

This is completely untrue. All that is needed to achieve results is for the needle to pass to the correct depth to stimulate the dermis to increase collagen production. In fact, it has been shown that collagen induction only takes place up to 0.6mm into the skin (1). 

More aggressive treatments that penetrate much deeper than this and produce excessive blood are simply creating unnecessary skin damage and causing unnecessarily long recovery times.

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