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The White Lotus Skin Needling Technique

White Lotus starts by following three basic principles exclusive to White Lotus

1.    Only natural Substances are used.

2.    The least invasive techniques are applied

3.    The holistic principals of traditional medicine are applied

Please find included below a short description of each principle

1. Only using natural substances avoids the risks that can be associated with increased trans-dermal absorption. There are many natural substances that can achieve as good if not greater results than synthetic products.

All White Lotus products are organic and Vegan society approved. An increasing number also carry the Soil Association Approved organic symbol.

2. White Lotus uses unique techniques and shorter needle lengths to create painless treatments with much shorter recovery times. A lot of skin needling methods overcompensate and create a lot of unnecessary tissue damage.

3. Applying the holistic principles of traditional medicine to the treatments White Lotus’s techniques can work with the body rather than trying to overcome it as an obstacle.

Key differences between The White Lotus Techniques and medical skin needling

1.    Actual unique techniques are used rather that clumsy rolling

2.    Shorter needles are used as they have increasingly been shown to be as effective without the unnecessary damage

3.    No retinol products are used as they have not been proven effective with skin needling and elongate recovery times and discomfort

4.    No anaesthetic creams are required with the White Lotus techniques eliminating unnecessary risk

5.    The White Lotus techniques produce less discomfort, shorter recovery times and happier clients

To learn more about the White Lotus Technique, please see ‘Holistic Micro needling’.