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Tourmaline Crystal Facial

Your Match - The Tourmaline Crystal Facial

Please scroll down through the sections to better understand why the tourmaline crystal has been uniquely selected for you.

  • Tourmaline for your Skin Type
  • Tourmaline for your Acupuncture meridians
  • Tourmaline for your Chakras

black tourmaline crystal facial

Skin Type - Suitable for Oily, Normal and Sensitive Skin

Black Tourmaline is an ancient crystal that holds great power to ground your spirit, enabling the transformation of negative energy.

Ideal for oily, normal or sensitive skin, it exhibits less benefit for dry aging skin. Its connection to the earth element and digestion gives Black Tourmaline crystal a unique ability to help lift sagging skin and reduce fluid retention, ease puffiness around the eyes or helping shape the facial contours.

By reducing fluid build up it can balance and control oily skin and is also safe to nourish and soothe, the most sensitive of skin types.

Learn more about performing the Tourmaline Crystal Facial at home

Acupuncture Meridian - connected to the Spleen/ Stomach Meridian and Earth Element

How Western and Chinese medicine view the biological process of organs could not be more different. In Chinese medicine where each organ is not just referred to as a physical object but rather represent a system of energy flow and communication throughout the body from the 5 main organs.

Nowhere is this more apparent than the understanding of the spleen.

While in Western medicine this is a small relatively unimportant organ, in Chinese medicine it defines the entire digestive process and the process of drawing nourishment from food, partnered with the stomach it provides energy for life.

Black Tourmaline acts as a tonic for the digestive system and in particular the spleen and stomach channels. These channels are associated with the earth element, Black Tourmaline is strongly connected with grounding the body and helping neutralise toxins that threaten internal disharmony.

Muscle weakness, cramp or muscle fatigue is most likely signaling imbalance in the stomach channel as it is connected to muscle tissue.

If general fatigue, energy depletion is a concern it is likely to have some connection to weakness of the spleen and stomach. Prolapses and hernias may also be considered attributable to insufficiency in this system.

Each organ is also connected with a specific emotion. Chronic worry, anxiety or over thinking are believed to adversely affect the spleen and stomach energy and functionality. In parallel, Western medicine stress is often a key cause contributor to stomach ulcers.

In Chinese medicine it is believed this energy flow affects skin health, that tone and strength is connected to mental anguish, while insufficiencies in energy absorption from the digestive system can cause congestion and result in lack lustre, sallow skin.

Learn more about performing the Tourmaline Crystal Facial at home

Chakra - Tourmaline Benefits the Root Chakra

Tourmaline can help balance the root or Muladhara chakra. This chakra, at the base of the spine, signifies our foundation, connecting us to the earth, helping us feel ‘grounded’.

When the root chakra is open and energy flows freely, we feel confident, connected, strong and independent.  When we experience congestion we feel anxious, insecure unstable and our self esteem, confidence and assuredness is affected. We may harbour feelings of anxiety, negative mental attitude and imbalanced emotional stability.

The root chakra controls survival issues and obstruction can affect out ability to believe in ourselves, manifest financial independence or take control of money.

Black Tourmaline is renowned to reconnect the spirit with the earth, balancing the root chakra, it possesses natural magnetic energy and is believed to provide psychic protection.

tourmaline crystal facial

Learn more about performing the Tourmaline Crystal Facial at home

Now you understand how our unique chemical free crystal can benefit you, we have a special offer for you.

Our Black Tourmaline Crystal facial at home collection is the ideal way to optimise your skin health transformation and represents 30% off individual RRP.

The Tourmaline Crystal Facial Pack includes

  • The White Lotus Activated Crystal Face serum
  • The Tourmaline Crystal Roller
  • The organic Green Tea Face Oil
  • The Tourmaline Crystal Gua Sha
  • Full Instructions including video links on how to perform the crystal facial
  • The unique White Lotus Lifetime Guarantee on the genuine crystal beauty tools

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