Anti Aging Skin Needling Roller kit, hypoallergenic with Jade Roller and Anti Aging Serum

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Anti Aging Pack: Biocompatible Skin Needling Roller 1.00mm ,Green Tea Oil Organic Anti Aging Serum,  and Jade Roller For Face

  • Safe for all – Do you suffer from nickel allergy? Or break out into hives if your skin comes into contact with metal? This White Lotus skin needling roller is totally metal-free and made of biocompatible polymer, so you can use it without worrying about adverse side effects. The anti-aging serum contains pure camellia oil that is organic.
  • Must-Have essentials – This type of skin needling roller is machine sterilized for your safety and sealed with tamper-evident packaging. It is the first biocompatible micro needle roller available.
  • Great gift - The jade roller comes in a beautiful silk lined box. The entire kit makes an excellent gift item for a loved one who faces skin-related problems on a regular basis.
  • Relaxing effect – The jade roller is specifically meant to complete the skin needling process, while cooling and firming the skin at the same time. Your skin glows naturally and is rejuvenated as well.
  • The best – This kit can be extremely useful as it is designed by holistic skin needling specialists for successful Collagen Induction Therapy. We have also included the instructional DVD that covers holistic micro needling in detail.

The White Lotus Anti Aging Pack is actually a set of 3 specialist skin needling products, which allows you to conduct a thorough and successful anti-aging procedure from the privacy of your home in as little as 5 minutes. This kit is suitable for all skin types.


Micro needling

Using the skin needling roller, you can combat problems like wrinkles, enlarged pores, sagging skin and uneven complexion. Moreover, it is hypoallergenic so those suffering from metal allergies can safely use it for their benefit.


Takes care of your skin

The special biocompatible polymer is hard enough to induce collagen induction but avoids any potential reactions to metal that can increase skin sensitivity and reactions.



The biocompatible polymer roller contains 0.5mm micro needles, so the procedure is conducted with high precision. This way you get fast results, while ensuring there is no damage to your skin.


Regenerate skin cells

The organic serum is touted to be one of the top anti-aging products available. It contains pure Soil Association certified organic green tea oil which is proven to regenerate skin cells. This is enhanced with 3 powerful anti aging herbs - panax ginseng extract, astragalus root and lycium Chinese fruit extract, to enhance tired looking skin. Recommended for use with the skin needling roller!


Post-treatment options

The jade facial roller is an ancient Chinese anti-aging beauty tool that enables lymphatic drainage and skin firming. It induces a cooling effect on the skin too.

White Lotus has long-standing experience in the field of micro needling. Go ahead and order now!

The Anti Aging Biopolymer pack contains: 0.5mm Biopolymer Skin Needling Roller Jade Roller 25ml Anti Aging Serum Holistic Microneedling DVD

Customer Reviews

Tighter Skin Review by Di
I have been using this product for some time and can safely say my skin is looking s much better for the regular treatments. I use the Jade Roller at night time after cleansing and the anti agig serum twice daily, the dermaroller once a fortnight.

I (Posted on 7/09/2017)
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