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Acupressure Mat

Acupuncture is an ancient oriental therapeutic method which stimulates the body with needles. It is believed that, when performed by an expert hand, this type of physical stimulation can have many positive effects on the body, with the purported benefits of acupuncture ranging from the reduction of chronic pain to a cure for insomnia. With all the acupuncture clinics opening up in major cities around the world, most people are at least superficially aware of its existence. However, fewer people may be aware that there exist products which can bring the power of acupuncture into your home, and you do not need to apprentice yourself with a needle master in order to use them. One such product is the acupressure mat.

An acupressure mat is, just as the term suggests, a mat with many protrusions on it, usually numbering in the thousands. The process for using it could not be simpler. You simply lie on the mat on your back and each pressure point exerts force on your skin. After that, there is nothing more to it than staying on the mat for several minutes at a time. Of course, the first few times may be uncomfortable, but you grow accustomed to it. It doesn’t matter if you choose to wear a shirt or not or if you stay on for 10, 15, or 20 minutes. In any case, the more you are familiar and comfortable with these devices, the more adept you will become at using it for longer periods of times and without those initial discomforts. Yet even a modicum of use can have good results.

And one need not go farther than internet reviews for this invention to find that these results are stunning for most people. Blood flow all across your back increases and in turn washes your physical tension away with waves of warmth and calm. When the body can calm in such a way, the mind follows it quickly, and daily usage of the acupressure mat can reduce even the mental the stress you accrue on a daily basis by eliminating that physical tension. What’s more, many people report that its sedative qualities can calm you to the point of somnolence and help ameliorate insomnia if used before bedtime. While people will have different experiences, there is no doubt that the calmer we are able to live, the better for our lives in general. 

Pretty soon you will wonder just how you managed to live without your regular acupressure mat sessions. You will realize that this is one of the best kept secrets of the holistic medicine industry. Yet it need remain no secret. Because of the low expense of this mat when compared to visits to an acupuncturist and because of the safe and natural nature of the product (as opposed to sedative drugs bought at a pharmacy which can have a negative impact of the body), anyone with problems of stress or insomnia should consider buying an acupressure mat and seeing if it cures what ails them before trying any more extreme or expensive measures.