All You Need To Know About Tourmaline Crystal

All You Need To Know About Tourmaline Crystal

Physical Properties of Tourmaline

Tourmaline is a complicated crystalline boron silicate structure. It’s combined with components like iron, aluminum, magnesium, sodium, Lithium or Potassium to supply a range of various colors and structures.

Its foremost variety is understood to be the Schorl which is black in color and contains higher levels of metallic element and iron. It accounts for ninety five of the tourmaline found in nature.

Tourmaline tends to be brittle in nature and includes a hardness rating of 7-7.5 on the Moh’s scale

History and Legends of Tourmaline

It’s believed the name tourmaline comes from the Sinhalese word ˜thoramalliâ - that was a word applied by the native Sri Lankan individuals to an area cluster of gemstones (1).

The word Schorl, for black Tourmaline, comes from the name of a little city in Federal Republic of Germany that was accustomed to mining black tourmaline together with Tin before the year 1400.

Tourmaline is found in high quantities primarily in Brazil and continent of Africa whereas several of the better stone quality tourmaline comes from Sri Lanka.

The Dutch Malay Archipelago company originally brought nice quantities into Europe before 1700 to satisfy a curiosity for foreign gemstones.

Tourmaline was generally referred to as the island (Sri Lankan) magnet thanks to its electrical/ magnetic properties. Dutch traders within the 1700’s usually used these magnetic properties to draw ash from their pipes.

One of the Egyptian legends speak of how tourmaline started its journey from the center of the earth crust and passed over a rainbow, riveting all the colors while going through.

A sculpture of Alexander the great dating to the second or third century before Christ has been found carved fully of tourmaline. In this era, tourmaline was believed to be a teller stone which led people to the direction of who or what was inflicting a problem (2).

Magnetism of Tourmaline

Tourmaline is known by its ability to become electrically charged by merely heating it or rubbing it. Once charged, one side of the crystal becomes positive while the other side is negative. This enables it to draw in or repel little objects like particles of dirt or small little bits of paper.

The natural thinker Benjamin Wilson used these electrical properties of tourmaline extensively in his work to the highest point in his awarding of the John Copley grant within the Royal Society in 1760 (3).

Healing and Spiritual Uses of Tourmaline

Black tourmaline is regarded as a great grounding stone. It’s believed to produce a robust association between the human spirit and also the earth. Therefore it's thought to form a feeling of strength and confidence and promote a more accurate view of the universe.

Students of the Chakras believe it invigorates the bottom chakra which promotes this association to the earth.

Black tourmaline is believed to be a powerful psychic defense, against negativity and serving to resolve one’s own negative thoughts and internal conflicts. For this reason it's believed to be a shamanic stone used for defense throughout ritual work.

 It’s typically thought to guard against the influence of individuals who perpetually complain or whine and produce negativity furthermore as those described as emotional vampires. It’s additionally thought to guard against environmental pollutants and electro-magnetic radiation.

In crystal healing these characteristics are used to help individuals vulnerable to panic significantly in confined areas and people who work in terribly negative work environments. It is additionally thought to help the human system, heart, adrenal glands and bowels.

Tourmaline Crystal Rollers, Gua Sha and Tourmaline Crystal Combs

Since tourmaline is be a tough brittle crystal, several firms and companies use chemicals to treat the crystals to enable carving easier and cut back cost.
This alters the chemical properties of the crystals and it isn't appropriate for people who hope to realize the spiritual or healing properties related to the crystal.

 A good number of tourmaline is subject to heat treatment to lighten the colors of the crystal. This may once more alter the properties of the crystal and must be avoided.

White Lotus use solely the pure black tourmaline in its crystal beautification tools. All tourmaline crystals are one by one selected and hand carved. No chemical or heat treatment is ever used along with White Lotus crystal beauty tools and it is solely A grade crystal that is employed in all products.

Every White Lotus crystal product carry a life time guarantee with normal usage.

When choosing your crystal beauty products select carefully and choose one you're interested in. The crystals existed a long time and with appropriate care can last you a life time.

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