Tourmaline Gua Sha

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Tourmaline Gua Sha

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Tourmaline Gua Sha

The Crystal Gua Sha is a secret that belongs to the ancient world....

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Tourmaline Gua Sha

The Crystal Gua Sha is a secret that belongs to the ancient world. Now that it is getting mainstream again, it has taken every region by storm.

There are a number of celebrity advocates, who regularly make use of crystals that include Elle Macpherson, Jennifer Aniston, and Gwyneth Paltrow.

The White Lotus Gua Sha is designed to embrace each and every curve of the face very gently, in order to naturally enhance the circulation of blood, removing any sort of excess fluids.

If you consider the Tourmaline crystal, you would know that it carries the property of connecting users to the earth and grounding them. Based on modern research, when Tourmaline is rubbed or heated, it becomes charged electrically. One end of this crystal gets charged positively, while the other end gets charged negatively.

As a result of this, it is. Quite different from the Jade Crystal Gua Sha. This is because Jade is primarily popular for remaining cool resulting in skin tightening. In comparison, the Tourmaline crystal is significantly warmer and results in better circulation, bringing color to one’s face.

According to scientific research, Gua Sha is capable of increasing the skin microcirculation by more than 400 percent.

The key benefits of the Tourmaline Crystal Gua Sha include:

  • A dramatic increase in microcirculation
  • An increase in the lymphatic drainage
  • Reduction in puffiness and swelling
  • Toning and lifting the skin
  • Reduction in loose and sagging skin
  • Reduction of wrinkles
  • Relaxation and grounding
  • Perfect for sensitive skins
  • No chemicals used

The Tourmaline Gua Sha by White Lotus has been hand carved with great care, without the use of any chemicals. This is because chemical treatment changes the crystal's nature while making it easier to carve. This is why many low-end companies make use of harsh chemicals. Such crystals should not be used, for obvious health risks.

After getting hand carved by experienced artisans, it gets stored in a beautiful box lined with top-notch silk. This is how the ancient Chinese used to store crystals.

Originally, this product was designed for clinics and spas. However, the Tourmaline Gua Sha by White Lotus can now be purchased through the website.

Crystal products are notorious for being very difficult to carve. As a result of this, they have been carved without any harsh chemicals, albeit very painstakingly. In comparison, many companies make use of chemicals so as to soften the crystals for carving. This may affect the resulting finish.

We fully avoid the usage of chemicals, because we believe in delivering premium grade crystals. We also believe that the use of chemicals can have a detrimental effect on its energetic qualities. This may reduce health benefits.

In case you want to learn more about chemical treatments that crystals manufactured by other companies go through, click on this link.

As for White Lotus, we are fully confident that our crystals are of premium quality and so provide a lifetime guarantee on various crystal products with regular use. When you are selecting a particular beauty product, make sure that you are choosing wisely and are relying on a crystal that you feel attraction for. In case you choose a premium grade crystal such as ours, it will serve for an entire lifetime.

In case you require guidance or assistance regarding the kind of crystal that is more suited to your needs, take a look at our handy crystal properties chart.

A visual demonstration is also provided on the description page in the form of a video.

  1. You can begin with the application of the White Lotus Anti Aging serum on your face directly. This serum makes use of a green tea oil base. Moreover, this serum may also allow the Gua Sha crystals to glide across your skin very gently for the best results.
  2. Always begin stroking on your right side, because according to the ancient Chinese, this is where energy flows.
  3. Begin by upstrokes on the face using the Gua Sha point, in straight motions starting from the chin and outwards through the cheeks.
  4. Also, make outward and upward stroke applying a zig-zag motion.
  5. Make use of a ‘fishtail' end, and begin at your chin. Stroke along the jawline with the fishtail and cradle it fully.
  6. Make use of the curved side and stroke outwards and across from your nose side below your eyes.
  7. Make use of the long curved side for upward and outward strokes through the temples.
  8. Make use of the long curved side for stroking from the forehead's center outwards.
  9. Repeat this process slowly, and move up a little every time.
  10. Repeat the entire process on the left part of your face.
  11. Make sure that you are massaging along with your wrinkles in a zigzag motion, using the pointy end. This results in better circulation in the wrinkle's base.
  12. In order to finish, put the pointy end in the front ear’s depression. Stroke around the ear and gently up, and then down. This removes toxins that are accumulated in your skin.

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The White Lotus Crystal Gua Sha include:

  • A very dedicated customer support
  • A lifetime guarantee under normal usage
  • Silk Lined Box
  • 30 plus years of professional expertise

This Tourmaline Gua Sha is hand carved from A grade crystal and then sealed in a delicate silk lined box.

Due to the high quality of the natural crystal, it is covered by the unique White Lotus lifetime guarantee with normal use.

Make sure that you have always chosen the crystal comb that which you feel the most attracted to. There are a number of benefits of various crystal types. All the guidance regarding these crystals is thoroughly provided by White Lotus. As a result of this, you can make an informed decision regarding a crystal beauty product that will serve you for a lifetime.

Dimensions of the Tourmaline Gua Sha

11cm long 6.5 wide As this product is hand carved slight variations may occur
Silk Lined Box 
14.5cm 11.5cm 3.5cm