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Article: Corona virus help for Clinics and Salons

Corona virus help for Clinics and Salons

Corona virus help for Clinics and Salons

At White Lotus we are aware of the difficult situation the lock down has left many of our customers in. We are receiving emails daily about these situation so wanted to put together some information on how we can help.

Website Sales

For those of you with e-commerce websites we have relaxed our conditions for online sellers. This gives you the chance to resell all the White Lotus home use beauty treatments and products online and make a 50% margin on the products.

Please click here to request an online reseller application form

Website and Email Sales

For many of you who have never had an interest or the resources to set up e-commerce we have set up an affiliate program.

This program allows you to place a link on your website or you can also add it to emails out to clients. The clients can click on the link and will be taken through to the White Lotus website to purchase at full retail prices.

The link you receive is unique to you and at the end of the month White Lotus can see how many sales were generated and you receive 25% of the value of every sale paid directly to you.

This option is better for clinics who are not in a position personally or professionally to handle stock and shipping at present as White Lotus takes care of this. It is also useful if you have a large database of email addresses that you think you can leverage into sales at this difficult time.

Please click here to Sign up for the Affiliate Program

Online Training

For many of you you may be in a position of having more time on your hands (or simply desperately need an adult activity to escape the kids). If you can this is a great time to update your skills in preparation for a relaunch as things improve.

For all our existing Wholesalers we have discounted all the White Lotus online courses by 10% for the duration of the lock down. We realise times are tough and hope the saving will help.

Normal Minimum Spend for will not apply to this purchase.

Courses Offered are
Holistic Microneedling
Jade Roller, Gua Sha and Cosmetic Cupping
Chinese Face Reading

Please contact us for a Coupon Code to receive this discount

Set up a Wholesale Account

For those of you not currently working with White Lotus but who are still in a position to sell products please follow the link below to apply for a wholesale account.

Apply for a Wholesale Account

Ideal Home Beauty Rituals we Recommend at Present include

Complete Crystal Facial Range
Microneedling Kits

It is also a great time to promote other home use products such as

Acupressure Mat, for relaxation
Silk Eye Mask and Silk Pillowcase to protect the skin and hair

Any questions White Lotus is here to Support you. Please contact us if we can help and stay positive in these challenging times!

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