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Article: Microneedling Aftercare - What to apply?, Exercise?, Alcohol?, Sunscreen?

Microneedling Aftercare - What to apply?, Exercise?, Alcohol?, Sunscreen?

Microneedling Aftercare - What to apply?, Exercise?, Alcohol?, Sunscreen?

What to Put on Skin After Microneedling

What to apply after microneedling? It is best to apply a small amount of green tea oil twice a day to protect your skin. The oil can be mixed with a little water to allow it to better spread across the skin. Microneedling opens tiny holes in the skin which allow the bodies natural fluids to leak out and leaves the skin feeling slightly dry. This is commonly known as Trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL).

Green tea oil naturally moisturises the skin to alleviate this dryness in a way water based moisturisers cannot. The green tea oil also contains microneedling aftercare vitamin C to assist healing in a natural way.

Can I use Hyaluronic Acid After Microneedling

As it further drys out the skin we do not recommend hyaluronic acid serum after microneedling. The microneedles create tiny channels in the skin which allow some of the body natural moisturising fluids to leak out. This can leave the skin feeling very dry for several days afterwards. Any form of hyaluronic acid will increase this feeling.


Exercise After Microneedling

We are often asked when can I exercise after microneedling? This depends on the type of exercise. Doing exercise that involves a lot of sweating like going to the gym after microneedling can increase the risk of the treated skin becoming infected. This often looks like a little red rash.

How long you should avoid the gym after microneedling depends on how intense the microneedling was. If using a 0.5mm dermaroller then 2 days is usually plenty. However if a more invasive technique has been used and derma rollers of 1.5mm or longer have been used then you may need to wait up to a week.

Swimming after microneedling procedures should also be avoided for a couple of days in most cases as salt water may sting and chlorinated pools are not always as clean as they should be. This can increase the risk of skin infections, which can feel like an itchy rash after microneedling. This is rare especially with smaller 0.5mm microneedle rollers but it is still best avoided.

If in doubt wait at least 3 days after microneedling before resuming normal activities and longer than 72 hours if using microneedles longer than 0.5mm. This should avoid any microneedling side effects like skin rashes.

exercise after microneedling

Can you Shower After Microneedling

Yes and it is recommended post treatment. After microneedling the tiny punctures will have allowed a small amount of the skins natural moisture to leak onto the face. This can make the skin feel more dry and sticky. It is best rinsed off in a luke warm shower with a gentle cleanser a couple of hours after micro needling. If using longer needles 1.5mm or longer then there is the potential for blood on the skin which will also need to be rinsed off. Longer microneedles like this are not recommended.

Showers are preferable to baths after skin needling treatments as they create a lower risk of infection. Baths can be unhygienic especially around the plug holes and this bacteria can increase the risk of skin infections

Can I wear sunscreen After Microneedling / Tanning After Microneedling

Microneedling can create photosensitivity after treatment. This sensitivity to sunlight can last for up to a week and longer if using very long microneedles. For this reason it is best to avoid the sun and to not plan treatments in the middle of beach holidays or other sun soaked activities.

If at all possible it is best to avoid the use of sunscreen for the first 24 hours after microneedling. However if you do need to go in the direct sun during this period then the best sunscreen after microneedling is usually the zinc based sun creams that stay on the surface of the skin and block the suns rays rather than those that absorb deeply into the healing skin.

Can I wear sunscreen After Microneedling

Drinking Alcohol After Microneedling

There is no set time limit which you must wait for before drinking alcohol after microneedling but it is usually best to wait a day or two before drinking. Remember that alcohol is a vasodilator and so if your skin is already more red than usual then the alcohol will make this worse. In the rare case that you experience any dizziness after a microneedling treatment do not drink alcohol and contact your health professional.

Can I do a Peel After Microneedling

It is best to avoid a chemical peel after microneedling. Microneedling initiates the bodies natural wound healing cascade and this is how it creates collagen induction. Chemical peels like microdermabrasion also use this process to create collagen production but in a much more invasive way. This wound healing process should not be overused. It is best to do one treatment at a time and wait to experience the results before moving onto the next treatment. This way you also know which treatment works and is therefore worth spending your money on.

If you are wondering how soon after microneedling can I dermaplane? The answer is the same. Wait until the skin has finished healing after microneedling before commencing the next treatment.

Microneedling Aftercare Makeup

Where possible it is best to avoid applying make up for 24 hours after microneedling. Many forms of makeup can block the pores and increase the risk of skin infections. If absolutely necessary then apply the minimum amount possible for the first week after treatment to allow unhindered skin rejuvenation.

Microneedling Aftercare Makeup


Microneedling aftercare needs to be planned out in advance so it can be accommodated into your lifestyle. When planning a series of microneedling treatments, in the weeks prior, consider what activities you will be doing at the time and how best to look after your skin after treatment without limiting your enjoyment.

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