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Article: What to Clean Your Derma Roller With- Clean Derma Roller

What to Clean Your Derma Roller With- Clean Derma Roller
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What to Clean Your Derma Roller With- Clean Derma Roller

The first thing we need to discuss is what we actually mean by ‘cleaning’ your derma roller? As dermarollers contain tiny microneedles that very shallowly penetrate the skin this definition becomes very important.

There are two terms we need to consider here. Do you want to sterilise your dermaroller or do you want to disinfect your derma roller. Believe it or not they are very different things. If you sterilise your dermaroller it means another person can use it as you have removed the risk of blood born infections. This is virtually impossible with derma rollers as the machines used to sterilise also destroy the derma rollers.

So when we say clean a dermaroller what we are actually referring to is disinfecting a dermaroller. This kills bacteria to remove the risk of skin infections. It does not remove the risk of blood born diseases so derma rollers should never be shared with another person. They can be reused on one person only. Next we will learn more about how to clean micro derma roller.


How to Sanitize Derma Roller

Sanitise is another word for disinfect but with a wider meaning closer to make clean and hygienic.

The process to create a clean dermaroller is a follows -

  1. After treatment rinse the derma roller or micro needle roller under cold running water. This will remove any micro traces of blood from the derma roller head. It is especially important if using skin needling rollers with needles over 0.5mm in length or if using the roller with products like hyaluronic acid which we do not recommend.
  2. After this allow the microneedle roller to dry. Do not touch the micro needles during this process. Do not use paper towel or anything else to dry the needles or they may become blunt.
  3. After it is dry spray with a disinfectant spray. We recommend using either isopropyl alcohol or colloidal silver. The benefits of each are discussed below.
  4. Allow the alcohol to evaporate or the colloidal silver to dry then return the skin needling roller to its case to protect the microneedles. When you next use it respray with the derma roller sanitiser, allow this to dry then go ahead and start derma rolling.

What to Clean a Derma Roller With?

So what do you clean a dermaroller with? Below we discuss the 2 best options on the market. Both can be used in beauty clinics or if microneedling at home.

Colloidal Silver spray - This is perhaps the best derma roller sanitizer on the market. It kills 99.99% of bacteria. Unlike alcohol it will not dehydrate the skin so is our preferred option. Make sure any spray you buy is from a reputable seller and contains at least 25 parts per million of silver ions.

Isopropyl Alcohol Sanitiser Spray - This is the traditional way to disinfect cosmetic equipment and can work well as a roller cleaner. Again the alcohol kills 99.99% of bacteria. Unlike the silver, alcohol can dehydrate the skin which can work against your overall skin care routine. Make sure the alcohol has had plenty of time to evaporate before applying the roller to the skin.

How to Clean Derma Roller with Dettol

This is not recommended for two reasons. The active ingredient in dettol is chloroxylenol. The is a form of alcohol but not one that is recommended for the skin. The Skin Deep Cosmetic Safety Database ranks chloroxylenol as a mid-range toxic chemical that can cause burning, itching, rash, redness, or swelling. It should not be applied to a cosmetic device that is intended to be placed on this skin and certainly not to a device that penetrates the skin however shallowly.

The second reason dettol should not be used to clean your dermaroller is it is unknown how dettol will react with the glue in many micro-needle rollers. Many metal micro-needles are attached to the roller head with glue. Some products including denture cleaners have been known to dissolve this glue causing the needles to fall out. This is a safety risk as well as destroying the dermaroller.

This is one of the reasons that White Lotus recommends its hypoallergenic biopolymer microneedle roller. The micro needles are formed in a single sheet so can never become detached.


Dermarollers can be used to assist stretch marks, cellulite, wrinkles, scars and hair restoration. As they contain microneedles it is vital to ensure that you clean and look after the roller properly. This avoids any risk of skin infection and ensures better results.

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