Only Roll Upwards with the Jade Roller  White Lotus

Only Roll Upwards with the Jade Roller

When using a jade roller, sometimes people think that you can use the jade roller in any direction and it will be effective. However, you should be aware of why it is important to roll upwards and outwards as you use it for cosmetic treatments. In recent years, there has been a surge in popularity of people who use jade rollers as well as other crystal rollers. This has come with a saturation in the market for videos on how to use these products.

Fortunately, jade rollers are generally a safe product to use as well as a simple product to use properly. These short videos on how to use the rollers pose little threat to the unsuspecting viewers as they demonstrate how to use the jade roller. The problem with these videos is that they mention about how to roll the jade roller downwards, particularly in the neck area. The jade roller is one of many tools that have been used in ancient China for thousands of years for cosmetic purposes. Other techniques include Gua Sha and cupping.

By learning about ancient Chinese health and beauty treatments, you will find that these are both more closely aligned in the past than they are in our modern times. Their philosophy on these matters led to a basic understanding of how beauty treatments, particularly beauty massages, should always lift and open up the energy of one’s face. What this means is that when you are rolling and massaging your skin, you should be doing it outwards to lift the sagging skin and stretch any of your loose skin outwards.

This process moves any excess fluids and causing puffiness and swelling upwards and out towards the side of your face. Techniques like Crystal Gua Sha are typically used for draining the fluid out by using the lymphatic system. It can also help to lift any sagging skin, something a lot of people are looking for. The principle of these techniques applies to the use of crystal rollers, Gua Sha and crystal combs. These are items that are all used in an upwards and outwards manner towards the trunk. Body combing is performed in the same manner.

Properly using this technique because especially important as you use it on your limbs, since using hard pressure downwards with a Crystal Gua Sha can lead to unfortunate results. This can work against the necessary venous drainage, leading to a pooling of blood in your hands or feet. As you start using these products, if you see a video that uses these items in a downwards motion, you should skip it and find another instructional video. In order to get the most out of these practices, it is so important that you complete them as traditional Chinese medicine dictates. There is a reason why these techniques have been used for both health and beauty purposes for thousands of years. If you aren’t doing it properly, you are not benefiting from the true effectiveness that jade rolling has to offer.

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