Skin Needling Roller / Dermastamp Cleaner -Anti Bacterial Isopropyl Alcohol Spray 50mL

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Skin Needling Roller/Stamp Cleaner

Skin Needling Roller Cleaner 50ML – Isopropyl alcohol pump spray –Kills 99.9% of Bacteria – Used for the cleaning of non-disposable medical devices.

Hygienic: Our Isopropyl alcohol skin needling roller Cleaner will kill 99.9% of bacteria

Safe: Isopropyl alcohol will evaporate before next use, negating transdermal absorption worries

Proven: Isopropyl alcohol is used for cleaning non-disposable medical devices

Quick: When you finish rolling, simply spray a couple of times & place roller back in case

Effective: Our pump action spray avoids the need to touch and potentially damage micro needles

Our White Lotus skin needling roller Cleaner is essential for maintaining the hygiene and cleanliness of your roller and should be used each and every time after use, before placing your roller back in its protective case. It can also be used to clean your derma stamp or Jade Roller.

The key ingredient in the skin needling roller Cleaner, which is a 50ml pump spray, is straight Isopropyl alcohol (we do not use stabilisers which can be potentially harmful), an ingredient commonly known for cleaning medical skin penetration tools. Because it is alcohol, it will evaporate the next time you use your roller, so it is completely safe and will protect you from potential infections if bacteria were to be left to harbour on your roller. 

The White Lotus skin needling roller Cleaner, which is Vegan Society Approved, protects against 99.9% of bacteria, however, you should never share your skin needling roller or derma stamp for hygiene reasons and because it will not protect you against blood borne diseases.

We strongly advise you against using Isopropyl swabs because we strongly advise against touching the skin needling roller or derma stamp micro needles which will result in them becoming blunt or damaged which will not only shorten the life span of your roller, but likely cause you discomfort. Many cleaning products available are not safe given the increased level of absorption of your skin during and after skin needling and hot water will melt and make your roller unsanitary for use. We believe The White Lotus skin needling roller Cleaner is the safest and most effective option, available at a very affordable price.

White Lotus:

Expert Advisor to the BABTAC beauty association and the international cosmetic industry. 

Author of Internationally best selling book and DVD ‘Holistic Microneedling’.

The unique techniques developed in Australia in the first specialist skin needling clinic in the southern hemisphere

Contains pure isopropyl alcohol to kill 99.99% of bacteria


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