What You Need to Know about Collagenase, Dermarolling and Scars  White Lotus

What You Need to Know about Collagenase, Dermarolling and Scars

Skin needling and micro needling has become a popular trend due to its ability of dramatically increasing your collagen production. But how does this technique create more collagen and improve the look of existing scars where the collagen is damaged. By reading on, you can learn everything that you need to know about collagenase and dermarolling to understand why this centuries old technique works so well.

As these needles pass through the skin, the needles can naturally activate the body’s wound healing response. Think about when you get a cut or scrape. The body will naturally start the healing process, shedding this damaged skin and allowing for a smooth healing process. The new layer of skin (collagen) can only form if this damaged skin is removed. This process occurs as a result of collagenase being released. Collagenase is a group of enzymes that are responsible for collagen. These enzymes will then break down all of the damaged collagen around the wound, which allows the skin to repair itself correctly. It’s a natural process that your body already goes through.

When it comes to less severe cases of skin penetration, such as what happens during the process of skin needling, these enzymes are still present though in smaller quantities. Healthy skin features collagen fibers that are organized in a web-like formation, where the fibers run perpendicular of each other. In skin conditions like stretch marks and scar tissue, the fibers change their direction and end up parallel to each other. This change is what causes skin to have that scarred appearance. Skin needling uses your body’s own natural processes to achieve the desired effects, without you having to take medications or go through expensive and invasive treatments.

When you use skin needling techniques, you are not just developing a new, smooth layer of this collagen but you are also breaking down any misaligned collagen fibers that cause scar tissue and stretch marks. This means that by using a dermaroller, you can actually increase the new collagen production by up to 1000% as well as removing the unattractive skin cells. These are all important things that will help you retain a youthful appearance and remove any imperfections that you may have felt self-conscious about. This may have been a long held secret in traditional medicine, but now you know why this is such a highly effective approach to improving your skin care.

You could go the route of modern medicine, but these can be expensive approaches that can also cause some level of pain and discomfort. Ancient approaches like skin needling can give you the results you need by simply activating the body’s natural healing process. If this is a process that you would love to learn more about, click these links below. You can learn all about what makes the White Lotus Hypoallergenic Dermaroller so great, as well as all about their other treatments to give you a youthful appearance and flawless complexion. The natural approach is the best approach.

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