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Article: White Lotus Jade Crystal Ethical Policy

White Lotus Jade Crystal Ethical Policy
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White Lotus Jade Crystal Ethical Policy

White Lotus Jade Crystal is produced to the highest possible ethical standards. This includes everything from the mining of the Jade, the way it gets shaped into the products, and how the proceeds are used. To help you understand this, let’s take a closer look at how the products are made.

First, the Jade needs to be mined. When making the products, only genuine Nephrite Jade is used. Jadeite from Myanmar wasn’t actually used in ancient China. In fact, it was only introduced the country in the 20th Century.

Jade is one of the most precious materials available in China. This is because of the strong cultural value placed on this material. Depending on the type of Jade, it can be more valuable than gold. For this reason, the government closely monitors the way that it’s mined. There are strict rules in place to control this process and ensure that the miners are kept safe at all times. Due to its delicate nature jade cannot be strip mined like many other minerals. This and government monitoring ensures that the environmental damage is kept to a minimum.

Currently there is no central certifying body to ensure the quality and authenticity of jade crystals. To overcome this, White Lotus have invested heavily in monitoring every step of the production process. This helps ensure that they are all made to the highest possible standards.

A great example of this is the way that products are carved. Everything is done by hand by artisans. At no point in the process are chemicals used to enhance the colour of the crystal or make it easier to cut. This ensures that the unique properties of the crystal are maintained. This attitude also extends to other parts of the business as well. For example, White Lotus only use renewable electricity in their buildings and all their skincare products have been or are in the process of being certified organic.

By taking these steps, White Lotus is able to create crystal products that conform to the highest possible quality standards. This allows them to provide multiple benefits to their customers. For example, they are able to offer a lifetime guarantee. This is different to most other companies, who design their products to break frequently. This allows them to make money, as the customers need to keep replacing them. Through their lifetime guarantee, White Lotus is able to break this cycle and lower their environmental impact. In addition, a percentage of every sale is given to charity. This ensures that they can continue to support people who are less fortunate.

Over 15 years of providing high-quality crystal products, White Lotus has built a strong reputation for themselves. To highlight the incredible lengths that they will go to provide these quality products, we looked at the supply process. From the heavily regulated mining process to handcrafting the products, and helping charities through sales, White Lotus are able to provide an amazing and unique product to their customers.


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