Meet The White Lotus founders husband and wife team Anthony and Kamila Kingston

Anthony and Kamila White Lotus

"The far east provides some of the most amazing and inspiring beauty and wellness treatments the world has ever known. Our mission is to apply our unique backgrounds to deliver the genuine and proven cosmetic wisdom to the western world."

Who are the Founders?

Anthony and Kamila Kingston, are the founders of White Lotus. The brand was created from their famous cosmetic acupuncture clinic in Australia. Kamila and Anthony have three kids and live in the UK. Being Doctors of  Acupuncture and Chinese medicine, they have been able to combine the magic of eastern therapies with the results expected in the west . Anthony additionally has a Masters in Herbal Pharmacology from the University of Sydney and takes a very active role in the formulation of all White Lotus products. 

How was White Lotus Established?

Anthony and Kamila met in university while studying Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese herbal medicine. They travelled and studied extensively through asia and devoted their time to studying how traditional Asian medicine could be used in skin care treatments. Asia has always been known for its vast treasure trove of skincare knowledge with both Korean and Japanese skin care methods now attracting huge followings.

After studying and specializing in techniques such as skin needling and other anti-aging methods, they returned to Australia in 2003 and set up the first cliniic in Australia devoted exclusively to Cosmetic skin needling.

The unique array of individualised treatments and ingredients twinned with their expertise enabled the brand to succeed. The White Lotus clinic was always fully booked. White lotus have been featured in more than fifty media articles and its innovative techniques were recognized on National television and around the world.

The Move from Clinic to Skincare

It soon became apparent that the clinic alone would not be enough to meet the needs of the ever growing customer base. In 2007 we launched an assortment of White lotus products that would allow people to pursue the skincare rituals from the comfort of their homes.  The products can now be found in stores and online globally and the book 'Holistic Micro needling' went on to become an International Bestseller on Amazon.

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