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Anthony and Kamila’s Story

Anthony and kamila

"The far east provides some of the most amazing and inspiring beauty and wellness treatments the world has ever known. Our mission is to apply our unique backgrounds to deliver the genuine and proven cosmetic wisdom to the western world."

Who are the White Lotus Founders?

Anthony Kingston and Kamila Kingston started White Lotus in 2004. The brand was created from their famous cosmetic acupuncture clinic in Brisbane Australia. They studied Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese medicine, they have been able to combine the magic of eastern therapies with the results expected in the west .

The White Lotus Cosmetic Acupuncture Clinic

White Lotus Cosmetic Acupuncture Clinic

Anthony and Kamila met in university while studying Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese herbal medicine. Upon completing their degrees they began a two year sojourn through Asia. The purpose was simple, to study the traditional beauty treatments and learn how they could be adapted to a modern Western clinic. Asian skin care has come into fashion in recent years with both Korean beauty and Japanese beauty brands now popular but in 2001 this was still a very new concept!

They were fortunate enough to find excellent teachers throughout their travels and ended up living in China for a period of time. Anthony has since returned to China 6 times to continue learning.

Upon returning to Australia they began laying the foundations of White Lotus Cosmetic Acupuncture. This was to become the first specialist cosmetic skin needling clinic in Australia.

The unique nature of the clinic allowed word of mouth to spread rapidly and the clinic was soon a popular feature in Brisbane's leafy Ascot suburb. The innovative techniques being practiced drew the attention of the local media. The clinic went on to be featured repeatedly on National Television and appeared in multiple national newspapers and magazines.

In addition to facial acupuncture rejuvenation the clinic was offering what were unique treatments at the time including microneedling, jade rollers, Facial Gua Sha and cosmetic cupping. It was the popularity of these treatments combined with an inability to satisfy the ever growing demand that lead to the development of White Lotus Beauty.

White Lotus Beauty Products

White Lotus Beauty Products

By 2008 after multiple media appearances Anthony and Kamila were unable to meet the demand for their services. One obvious hindrance was location. Australia is a large country. Television appearances had created huge demand for their treatments in other cities like Sydney and Melbourne and the constant traveling was not sustainable.

In addition to training other practitioners in these techniques they began to release home use kits. These beauty kits were designed to mimic many of the popular treatments performed in their clinics. Initial products included Home microneedling kits, jade roller and Gua Sha kits and Facial Cupping sets.

A conscious decision was also made to develop their own unique skin care range. Both Anthony and Kamila are trained herbalists and had been using an array of traditional herbal cosmetic techniques in clinic. These included herbal steams and face masks and the use of micro currents to increase absorption. These techniques were very effective but were not suitable for home use.

Impracticality is often seen as a major drawback to the application of Traditional Chinese Herbs. Anthony and Kamila decided to solve this by extracting the Traditional herbs into modern organic cosmetics. Anthony holds a Masters in Herbal Pharmacology so was fortunate to be able to formulate the early skincare range himself. The focus was and still is on using natural organic herbs with no additives. An emphasis on the use of green tea oil extraction rather than dehydrating alcohol has also been a continuing theme.

In more recent years White Lotus has developed a range of products for beauty practitioners and other acupuncturists to allow them to offer these treatments in clinic. The range reflects the ethos of White Lotus. Unique features include -

White Lotus Training

White Lotus Training

Since the beginning Anthony and Kamila have trained other practitioners in these beneficial techniques allowing them to better assist their clients. Anthony has now trained thousands of doctors, nurses, beauticians and acupuncturists in courses such as Holistic Microneedling training, Jade roller training and Holistic cosmetic acupuncture training. They have conducted training across Europe, the United States and of course Australia.

To provide better access to this training they have also developed a range of correspondence courses that can be accessed instantly online. Anthony has also written three books, two of which have become International best sellers. You can learn more about publications by Anthony Kingston here. Anthony is also the expert skin needling advisor to BABTAC the largest beautician association in the UK.

White Lotus now has headquarters in Australia and London. Anthony and Kamila currently live in Western Australia with their three young children and continue to teach and manage White Lotus's International business.

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