Esthetician Training, Microneedling Training

Based on the No1 International Bestseller "Holistic Microneedling", by Anthony Kingston, who is also the Expert Advisor to the leading UK beauty Association- BABTAC

Natural Skin Needling, Holistic Microneedling- The 'White Lotus® technique'

High quality medispa, esthetician training in cosmetic skin needling (Microneedling Training) using the White Lotus® Skin Needling Roller. The seminar covers a variety of natural skin needling techniques unique to white lotus designed to assist collagen induction, scars, cellulite and stretch marks. Transdermal absorption is also covered and the implications of this for therapists.
Learn the unique skin needling techniques developed within Australia’s first specialist skin needling clinic, designed to assist collagen induction for Anti Aging and the healing of scars, cellulite and stretch marks. The White Lotus® Technique is a natural alternative to Medical Skin Needling, check out our testimonials to see what therapists say about it...

"Having had both the training and treatment itself, I can say without hesitation that White Lotus is the superior form of skin needling offered currently.  The more common methods - with which I was treated and trained previously, and which focus on numbing the skin as well as bleeding it -  don't really compare in terms of not only marketability but result.  White Lotus's treatment has shown a remarkable improvement in my skin with no downtime, whereas other more traumatic methods left me with two days of "sunburn face" with no noticeable results!  Furthermore, Anthony's knowledge was absolutely superior, a true expert.  Would without reservation recommend."


Adrienne, London England

93% of course attendees reported the white lotus techniques to be 'not painful' (we dont use anaesthetics). This is amazing considering it was the first time they had practised the treatments on each other!

  • Have transdermal absorption and other relevant terms explained to you in plain English
  • Explore ancient Chinese beauty tools and methods which are still used and loved today
  • Learn Holistic Microneedling by Needling Experts,deliver superior treatments.
  • Receive necessary advice for the successful marketing of skin needling treatments
  • Access the Practitioner only therapist Range and 5 Element Skin Needling Bespoke techniques
  • the professional Lotus Roller®-guaranteed sterility and quality
Course open to:

Beauticians NVQ Level 2 and above (NVQ Level 2 beauticians are required to have at least 2 years of industry experience), or hold a Diploma of Beauty Therapy, Doctors, Nurses, Dentists and Acupuncturists

Additional Information 
The course is 1 day (normally a monday)

•Our courses are BABTAC and Hamilton Fraser approved making insurance applications easy. Easy Insurance Applications in Australia, our course is recognised by major insurance companies.You can also get 5.5 CPE points for ANTA members. 5 CPE points for ATMS members.

•We teach Jade Rolling (a Jade Roller is an ancient Chinese beauty tool) as part of the course which enables you to offer holistic added value in your clinic

•You will also learn how to use a Gua Sha (another ancient Chinese beauty tool) and be taught Chinese facial acupressure massage, again adding value to your clinic. Learning this also supports the skin needling techniques that you learn which are based on the principles of traditional Chinese medicine

•By attending our course you are not committed to buy any products from us

•If you do become one of our wholesalers, we offer low minimum orders of $150, not to mention the fantastic price of our quality sterile Lotus Rollers®

•As well as our rollers we stock a range of profitable accessory home use products

•After the course we offer on-going support for any further questions or advice

•Our course teaches pain-free skin-needling – no need for topical anesthetics

•We also recognise that some patients who you would be carrying out skin-needling on may have had or have BOTOX as part of their anti-wrinkle care and we teach you how to approach such clients

•We advise you on how often treatments should be carried out and how a patient can integrate home-use aftercare as well as pricing
As part of the seminar all participants will receive:
  • Ongoing Marketing and Product support, access to our online marketing pack and customer referrals
  • Free training manual to be used during the seminar and referred to afterwards

 Please also see our ONLINE training course

International Microneedling Training Dates TBA

Private group training is available internationally. Please contact us to discuss your requirements

Lecturer - Anthony Kingston

Time - 10am - 4pm

Price - On application

Please contact us for an enrollment form and course information

About Anthony Kingston- International Bestselling Author of "Holistic Microneedling"

Anthony has appeared on National Television, Magazines and Newspapers and writes regularly for well known health and beauty magazines. Anthony originally completed 5 years tertiary training in Chinese Medicine specialising in acupuncture skin needling before travelling the world learning the latest in cosmetic skin needling techniques and later completed his Masters of Herbal medicine. Originally from Australia he founded White Lotus® Cosmetic Acupuncture, Australia's first specialist cosmetic acupuncture clinic before moving to England where he now lives and runs White Lotus Anti Aging.


About White Lotus Anti Aging

White Lotus Anti Aging is an innovative company who specialise in providing genuinely natural alternatives within the cosmetic and beauty industry. Our aim is to provide products and services which are natural and healthy for the body but just as importantly are convenient to use and genuinely achieve results. White Lotus® provides a range of products and seminars and also provides a consulting service to help spa and cosmetic clinic owners convert or incorporate more natural techniques into their clinics