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Jade Roller or Jade Face Roller

The White Lotus Jade Roller is made from 100% natural non chemically treated jade. First launched in 2007 it has been the premium jade roller in Australia for over 13 years. Made with stronger metal brackets it is the only jade face roller in Australia to carry our unique lifetime guarantee.

Made of 100% jade crystal, the jade skin roller is a traditional Chinese anti wrinkle and anti aging beauty tool that has been used to perform facial massages for thousands of years. Every great and powerful woman of ancient china treasured their jade roller.

Probably the easiest beauty tool to use, jade rolling not only visibly improves the appearance of skin, but feels heavenly as it glides, rolls and massages the skin, delivering a cool and refreshed sensation. This is why we recommend the Jade Roller as a post treatment option after using the our hypoallergenic dermaroller or as a wonderful stand alone treatment.

Simple improvements, such reducing puffiness and swelling, can make dramatic changes in skin’s appearance. Over time it can help reduce fine lines and wrinkles especially in delicate regions like eye area. These are only some of the jade roller results that can be created by adding it to your skincare routine easily and comfortably at home.

Why Choose the White Lotus Jade Roller?

As with all White Lotus products, the jade stone roller is made to the highest standards of quality using only the lightest, most precious jade crystal. Hand carved exclusively for White Lotus customers and delivered to you in a beautiful, silk lined box, we’re certain you will treasure your White Lotus facial roller.

Why is the White Lotus Jade Roller unique?

Never Chemically Treated:

To save money most rollers on the market are chemically treated prior to carving. This changes the chemical structure of the jade crystal making it easier to carve. This saves the carvers money as they have less breakages but changes the quality of the crystal. It also obviously does not benefit the energetic qualities of the crystal.

Ethically Produced:

The White Lotus green jade stone in mined in one of the traditional jade mines in China. Due to the cultural significance of genuine jade the industry is highly regulated and very strict labour and environmental standards are enforced.


In addition to the pure jade thicker brass brackets are used to ensure the crystal rollers can last a lifetime. This is important to White lotus. Crystals are a finite resource they should not be used on cheap throw away beauty tools. They should be used in a way that they can continue to bring benefit in the log run.

Gift Box:

Beautiful hard silk lined gift box. This was the traditional way to store jade rollers in China. White Lotus continues this tradition which creates a wonderful gift and also ensure the long term safety of the rollers.

Lifetime Guarantee:

To support the idea the crystals should be for life White Lotus offers a unique lifetime guarantee on all its crystal rollers and gua sha. White Lotus is an Australian company. If you ever have a problem call us.


White Lotus was founded two Australian acupuncturists in 2007. Since that time they have been constantly refining the quality of the White Lotus offerings. The modern jade roller is simply the best jade roller in Australia.

Customer Service:

White Lotus is Australian based. In addition to our free training videos and included instructions we are always available by email or phone to answer your queries.

Jade Roller Benefits

The benefits of jade rollers are clear.

Health Promoting: Rolling and massaging over the skin promotes blood circulation and lymphatic drainage to reduce swelling and bring a glow to the skin. This can benefit the lymphatic system de puff and reduce swelling on the face

Cooling: Heavenly refreshing after derma rolling; in contact with skin jade stays cool closing pores

Toning: Revitalise tired, puffy, sagging skin with signs of aging, using the roller to firm & tone

Quality: The highest grade of natural Jade, with reinforced brackets ensures you get a lasting beauty tool

Tradition: Loved by the powerful women of ancient China, sure to be loved for generations to come

Luxury: Pampering your self at its simplest

How to use a jade roller for your face?

  1. Apply the unique green tea oil based serum gently to the skin
  2. Roll over the area in an upwards and outwards direction to lift and stretch the skin
  3. Relax and enjoy the results

 Green tea oil is used extensively in traditional Asian beauty treatments. The roller can help it penetrate deeper into your skin, nourishing and invigorating your skin.

The authentic jade face roller from White Lotus is a genuinely beautiful and effective beauty tool that will last you a life time. Go ahead and buy with confidence or contact us and we are always happy to help.

Hand carved exclusively for White Lotus clients.

At White Lotus we use a lot of these in clinic. At this high level of usage many of the rollers did not last long. We now have them made with thicker reinforced metal around the larger end to prevent breakage. We use them effectively in clinic every day. Please compare this quality with others available on the market.

All jade rollers come in their own genuine silk lined box.

Size : 15.5cm / 6” length

White Lotus uses only the finest and most precious light color jade in all its rollers. Contrary to some advertising darker jade is actually considered of lower quality and is therefore less valuable than light jade in China. As they are all individually hand carved the individual colour and shape can vary.

Customer Reviews

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Tara Grant
so relaxing!

I love my large Jade roller and use it on my face and body to tighten skin. It relieves puffy eyes in the morning, especially when I am a bit dehydrated. After a tough day at work I use it to massage my face – it’s so relaxing!


Very happy with this jade roller. I have been using this product daily on my face and also anywhere else i need soothing effects!!! No problems and Good quality. I love the fact that it is easy to cleaned and very solid and sturdy. It has made a difference to my face and also I think it has helped my sinusitis!! (


Super easy to use, very relaxing and refreshing. I usually use it at night before going to sleep, i would say that also help me with a good sleep this Jade roller massage.It is such an old remedy, but it does make my face look thinner, less congested and firm


I use this when my face looks dull and tired, it works. It makes my skin looks refreshed and invigorated. I roll it on my husband's face too and he loves the relaxing and cold feeling. I also roll it on my face before putting make up on the anti aging serum. I read on some online articles that it may help reduce wrinkles and firm sagging face...And I'm already seeing some benefits. The jade stone looks very authentic with the look and feel. It looks like Quartz or Granite. Overall, I like this roller. I'm very happy with my purchase. It's fun rolling it on my face and neck while watching TV. Me and my husband love this roller :)


Where has this item been all my life??? I love it so freak in much!! I just got it & I already used it & it feels wonderful & relaxing. I feel like I'm at a spa. It's an excellent device to add to your skin care. I have sensitive skin & it doesn't pull at my skin because it's a very smooth,polished jade. I found this one at good price. I'm glad I bought it!

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"I absolutely love using my derma roller from White Lotus, it has helped my scarring and it keeps my skin smooth and rejuvenated.”

Bethan Wright

"I only trust the white lotus genuine rose quartz crystal to de puff my face - i love the colour & aesthetic and the post application results are incredible”

Tallia Storm