Silk Pillowcase for Hair - Best Silk Pillowcase Hair Growth

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Silk Pillowcase for Hair - Best Silk Pillowcase Hair Growth

Stop hair loss today with a 100% pure mulberry charmeuse silk pillowcase-an ancient anti aging secret. Silk has been used in China for thousands of years because of its healing properties on the Hair and Skin. If you are tired of waking up to hairs on your pillow, switch to silk today.

Silk is the only natural fibre used in pillowcases that is non friction. Silk also traps moisture in the scalp and hair, unlike cotton which leaches it out. This is an essential tool for combatting Hair Loss successfully-ensuring the health of your scalp, hair and keeping the moisture in your scalp if you are using hair loss products. It also prevents wrinkles too!

Why Choose the White Lotus Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

White Lotus have been a leading seller of the best silk pillowcase Australia since 2007. In that time we have seen many imitators come and go but our quality pure silk pillowcase for hair has remained the same. The key features of the White Lotus silk pillow case are -

Thicker - The silk hair pillowcase is genuine 19 Momme. This is very thick and durable thickness of silk. It allows our pure mulberry silk pillowcases to last years unlike competitors which fall apart in weeks. Many claim they are 19 momme or more and are not. It is very hard to tell you need to trust your seller.
Luxurious - It is luxurious Oxford Style. This requires almost twice the silk but is more comfortable and creates a more attractive appearance in the bedroom. The pillowcases fit a standard queen size pillow
Reputation - White Lotus stands behind every product we sell. If you have a problem let us know we are always there to fix it.
Easy clean - Due to the thicker 19 momme silk the pillowcases machine washable on low temperature washes.
Gift Presentation - Delivered in a beautiful presentation box it is an ideal gift.

Guarantee to last 1 Year- Our unique guarantee and stamp of quality!


Available in Pearl Grey, Navy Blue and White in Queen size, oxford style

Silk Pillowcase Benefits for Skin and Hair

  • Silk pillow cases also help prevent hair loss and are ideal for hair care. A cotton pillowcase will actually rip the hair out during the night which is why many people wake up with loose hairs all over their pillowcases. Silk prevents this friction and so stops you losing hair during the night. It also keeps the moisture in your hair and scalp so is excellent for your hair overall.
  • It helps maintain moisture in your skin whilst you sleep and does not crease your skin, which alleviates unnecessary wrinkle formation. Most people have more wrinkles on the side of their face that they sleep on. Cotton and other fabrics other than silk leach moisture out of your skin as you sleep.

Best silk Pillowcase for Curly Hair and Skin

Do silk pillowcases help curly hair? Yes they do. As sleeping on silk pillowcase for hair  does not create friction you will wake up with less frizzy and curly hair. The unique proteins in silk also contribute to this affect by coating and protecting the individual hairs.

Silk or Satin Pillowcase for Hair

Although apparently similar to the untrained eye satin pillowcases do not have the same ability to coat and protect individual hairs in the way silk can. For this reason if you are aiming for better silk pillowcase hair growth a satin pillow case will never be as effective as a real silk pillowcase for hair.

Silk pillow cases are also naturally hypoallergenic unlike satin cases.

Ethical Silk Pillowcase Australia

The silk pillowcase is made with peace silk which means the worm is not killed as part of the silk harvesting. Instead they go on to become a moth lay eggs and restart the process.

About White Lotus

Founded by husband and wife acupuncturists White Lotus has been bringing the ancient cosmetic secrets of the far east to western audiences since 2007. Anthony and Kamila stumbled across the use of silk pillowcases while studying in China over 20 years ago and were one of the first to bring this marvellous concept to Australia.

The White Lotus Silk Pillowcase remains the best silk pillowcase for hair and skin available in Australia. Dont hesitate Buy silk Pillowcase today!

For those of you genuinely concerned with naturally preventing hair loss. Please also see the White Lotus Skin Needling Hair Loss Pack.

  • Available in Pearl Grey and White
  • These pillow cases are oxford style mulberry silk and are 19mome.
  • This is a very durable thickness. This makes our pillow cases of the highest quality.
  • Fully machines washable they last for years.
  • Please check the quality of cheaper imitations.
  • The pillow cases fit a queen  size pillow and are machine washable.
  • The silk is ethically harvested, the worms are not killed in the process and go on to become mate and live out their lifespans

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