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Anti-Ageing Products and Tips

Most of us would want to look younger than what we are and some people are blessed with the ability to simply look much younger than their true age. However, the art of looking more youthful is simply a matter of dedication and a healthy lifestyle.

What Causes Skin to Age Prematurely?

There are several factors that may lead to ageing where age does not even play a role, however, we all look older at some point in our lives as gravity pulls skin downward and skin is less plump due to collagen cells not being able to produce natural collagen anymore.

Sun Exposure

The sun can play havoc on our skin due to its harsh UV rays. Over time, long periods of sun exposure can cause damage to the dermis. Factors such as tanning beds, sun tanning and even exposure without sun block leaves the skin vulnerable to UV damage. 

Studies show that the sun causes 80% of ageing; these include brown spots, wrinkles and a leathery look because it tends to harden the skin stripping it of lustre and suppleness.


Apart from the many other negative effects smoking has on a person, it also remains one of the culprits to contribute to your skin aging fast and prematurely. It causes spider veins (thread veins); these veins are very thin and tend to be visible through the skin and are present in the face. Natural aging also causes spider veins to occur.


Alcohol causes one to age prematurely as it dehydrates the skin from natural moisture, causes one to look older faster, and promotes lines to occur sooner than later.

These are only to name a few, but there are many other factors that can cause premature ageing. Thankfully, there are ways to reverse or simply slow down the process of premature aging.

Anti-Ageing Tips

  • First up, quite smoking altogether, the sooner the better and when it comes to alcohol try not to drink too much as these 2 factors will increase how fast you age.
  • Tanning - Many fair-skinned people tend to enjoy tanning to become a darker colour but tanning means excessive exposure to the sun, which is bad news for skin. Rather than using the sun to tan, products such as self-tanner and spray on tans will help you achieve a darker skin tone in less the time and is safer.
  • Start from within – drink more water to hydrate your skin and try to implement a healthier diet.
  • Skincare Products – stick to the good natural stuff and avoid harsh chemicals on your skin. Employ a good, regular moisturising regimen.
  • Use sunscreen when venturing off into the sun.
  • Exercise – Try to incorporate an exercise regemin into your lifestyle as studies show exercising to improve blood circulation and you will benefit from being fit and feeling more energized.

It is true that sometimes genes play a role in why certain people tend to look younger but you can start your anti-aging journey today the sooner the better.