How can Ginseng help aging skin?  White Lotus

How can Ginseng help aging skin?

We already know that Ginseng is healthy because of very many reasons. The compounds this root have been incredible for boosting our health and support a great number of internal processes of our body. But can it also help externally, like taking care of a mature skin? It appears that researchers found that it can. Numerous pharmaceutical studies were unrolled with the purpose of establishing how and how much Ginseng can improve the status and appearance of aging skin. It was discovered that Ginsenosides are the compounds most potent in manages skin conditions. So here are more details about the action of this miraculous root on our skin, and not only on our health.

Ginsenosides are constituents of the ginseng plant, seven in number, which is believed to have anti-inflammatory properties and immune-suppressive effects in the body. They can also protect our organism against cancer and other diseases, like metabolic conditions and neurodegenerative ones. Studies showed that these compounds are transformed after ingestion, in our intestine, into metabolites Rg2, Rg3 and compound K, which support the protections against this unwanted health related issues. But in several in-vitro studies, Ginsenosides showed signs of improvement in the cases of treating mature skin, having an anti-aging effect.

Thus, based on these results, the Ginsenosides can soon end up with becoming an efficient component of natural skin care products. So don’t be amazed if you will find several products that will use ginseng as an ingredient. Good news travel fast, so certain manufacturers use the ginseng extract as a method of fighting off the unwanted effects of skin aging, on a natural and safe way. So how can the plant help you have a better appearance? Well, it appears that if used as a moisturizer in skin care products, ginseng extract works on improving the collagen production. Thus, the results is a tighter skin, with a more young appearance. It is also a natural bleacher, reducing the uneven appearance of the skin’s color, making it be more even, soft and beautiful.

Ginseng is also great for healing the skin, calming any skin issues, being the best choice for persons with sensitive skin. It is already known that burns and wounds heal much better in the presence of ginseng. Thus, irritations, sunburns and other skin conditions with a damaging effect can be improved by the plant as well. And this is a very important aspect, since sun burns and sun action are responsible for triggering an aged look of the skin earlier than usual. Using a ginseng cream on damaged skin surfaces will boost the healing process and protect the skin from any potential infections, caused by a breach in the skin’s top layer. It is also a plant with an amazing anti-oxidant property, essential to keep cells protected against the aggression of external factors. Also having a tonic action, it works as a stimulant for cell renewal, promoting a skin with a much-improved look. If you never used skin care products with ginseng extract, you may be surprised of the visible effects it can have on your mature skin.

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