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Is skin bleeding associated to skin needling procedures?- Skin Needling Side Effects

Not all the information online regarding skin needling is reliable. So don’t be amazed when you are going to see awkward videos, especially on YouTube, where skin needling looks more like a torturing method than a beauty treatment. Why? Because the skin of the person undertaking this treatment is filled with blood drops, making it appear like a painful and hard to endure the process. But you need to know that this is not necessary, as the correct skin needling procedure is not uncomfortable or painful, involving skin bleeding.

An appropriate skin needling roller will have needles with sizes ranging between 0.5 mm and 1.0 mm, which are subtle, but still sufficient to penetrate the dermis and stimulate collagen production. These small needles may very occasionally cause a tiny amount of blood to appear. You should know that longer needles are not necessary since only in the dermis skin produces the wanted collagen for skin rejuvenation. In most cases, those small blood drops appear because people are afraid of not doing the procedure in the correct manner or poor quality skin needling rollers. Thus, they apply additional pressure with the roller against the skin, causing a bit of blood to appear. But this is normal and nothing to worry about, as the small punctures in the skin will rapidly close and heal. If you are using a poor quality roller, do your skin a favour- bin it and buy one that wont tear your skin!

You probably heard another myth, which goes around in the beauty industry, that you need to bleed in a massive way if you look to reach the best results. Where did this come from? It seems that some believe that collagen, through the wounding processes, gets in contact with the plasma found in the blood, stimulating the production of new collagen layers, as an attempt of the body to heal the created wound. So this is why it is believed that skin needling needs to be a bit more rough and cause a larger amount of blood to cover your skin.

The truth is that even in the case of using longer needles, like the ones that have 1.5 mm length, collagen stimulation takes places at a depth of only 0.6 mm inside your skin of your face. Thus, the longer needles will produce skin damage that is not helping you in any way. Even more, it solicits your body to transmit more of your internal resources, in order to heal the deeper wounds. So as you can see, rough skin needling and bleeding is really not necessary in achieving the best results while using skin needling.

Yes, there are some techniques that are developed to reduce more severe skin issues, like scars and are more aggressive than the usual ones. But these are methods that should never be done alone, at home, since they can only be performed by specialized medical staff, in a sterile medical unit. So do proper research when it comes to beauty procedures that imply painful methods, as they might not be what you need. Skin needling is an ancient method, which survived up to these days, because it is something that anyone can do safely at home, without unnecessary bleeding or pain.

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