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White Lotus Skin Needling Treatments

Many people seek various treatments to help themselves both look and feel younger. However, the substances that are injected in to the skin or used on the skin are often times harsh and abrasive; causing more harm than good in the long run. Perhaps this is why people prefer White Lotus products to others in the past. White Lotus will only use products that are all natural as well as services that are the least harmful with skin needling. The biggest danger any time a product is absorbed transdermally  is the risk of causing a reaction.

White Lotus however, uses a process called holistic microneedling with is both noninvasive and comes with fewer risks. In fact, they help the skin to produce what the body does already in an all-natural manner which makes it able to be taken by the mouth and ingested. Having done thorough research, the creators of White Lotus products and services have found that their products can be used safely and effectively with no harmful side effects. They go one step further than any one else, in knowing the common side effects of skin needling and creating products that prevent these whilst enhancing treatments.

White Lotus uses various sizes in needles so that each individual has their needs not only met, but they aren’t using a size that is unnecessary which prevents further harm. The founders of White Lotus have gone way above and beyond to learn how to use the product extensively and safely. Having traveled abroad and studied among various cultures who practice skin needling, they have brought only the best back to be able to use on clients.

Unlike many companies who believe one way of treatment is good for all clients, White Lotus only uses what is necessary and what best suits each client on an individual basis. Therefore they don’t dry out the skin, cause irritation or cause damage within the tissue which often scar when using the wrong size needle. With White Lotus working on an all-natural process there is no long and drawn out recovery time. Instead, you’ve got a product that is safe, knowledgeable staff who are careful with handling your needs. Most other companies use harsh chemicals on the skin before the procedure which in the long run can cause various issues with healing and inflammation.

Many techniques that are used by other companies have been said to make the process go faster, better results or a faster healing time. Almost every time there has been no actual correlation between those statements and the results or even on the actual results themselves. In fact, when studies were done it was reported that more harm than good was done and higher reports of damaged scar tissue were reported. The staff most times are neither highly trained nor skilled in the process and are out there to merely make money. The staff for White Lotus care about you and for those who practice on their own, even have a complete course and staff to help them practice safely.  If you are looking for the very best in skin needling treatments, look no further than white lotus.