The Acupressure Mat and the Quality of the Plastic Spikes  White Lotus

The Acupressure Mat and the Quality of the Plastic Spikes

The acupressure mat is also known as a bed of nails or acupressure needle stimulation pad. They are foam mats with several short and sharp plastic needles. You can sit, stand barefoot, or lie on the mat for about 40 minutes. It may be a fantastic experience.

Some brands insist that the mats may help to relieve muscle tension, sleep, and also reduce anxiety and stress. Those who have used the mats regularly swear that the mat helps in curing different ailments like constipation, high pressure, and headaches. The mats also relieve chronic back and neck pain, reduces the appearance of cellulite, and relieves muscle aches.

A study in 2011 found out that people were able to relax after using the acupressure mat for the first time. The researchers did not find any distinction between the saliva cortisol levels of participants after using the acupressure mats, but they confirmed that there was a parasympathetic response after using the mat. Many variables were not considered in this study, so you may not gain a lot from the study.

Another study in 2016 looked at whether the mats could help people with chronic pain after two weeks. The participants reported that some pain went away after using the mat for the first time, but there were no improvements in their back pain in overall. Some of the participants stopped using the mats because the mats hurt them instead of relieving their pain. One participant reported that the mat made the skin itch and turned red. This may be true because the needles are sharp and there is no way to use the mats safely.

What is the difference between the acupressure mats and the food grade plastic spikes? Can you spend your money on good quality spikes for your acupressure mat?  Plastics are made from hydrocarbons that are derived from natural gas or petroleum. There is a great difference in how the plastics are produced,and the levels of impurities contained in the plastics are not the same.  

The food grade plastics should be resistant to acidic foods so as not to leech harmful substances from the plastics into food.

The high-quality plastics should not contain dyes or materials that are harmful to people. To be considered safe for human use, the plastics are regulated in some countries to reach the standards that are safe.

Research has shown how the skin can absorb chemicals and other substances. Topical application is now used in administering some drugs which respond well to this method.

The acupressure mat has about 6,000 individual spikes made of plastic. An individual can spend more than 10 minutes in direct contact with the spikes. The process may be repeated daily. This may be a lot of time for a person to be in contact with plastic that is poorly produced. Harmful substances and chemicals may leech into the skin. Sweating may worsen the process.

Some plastics degrade after some time and when exposed to sunlight.  Ensure that your acupressure mat is made from food grade quality plastic.