World's First Biocompatible Polymer Skin Needling Roller – For Healthier Skin  White Lotus

World's First Biocompatible Polymer Skin Needling Roller – For Healthier Skin

The world’s first biocompatible polymer skin needling roller is finally here, for healthier and clear skin you can transform the way you look and feel overall by using this amazing product. With no dangerous reactions or skin allergies, this roller is safe to use and can be trusted to apply to all skin types. There needle is skin safe meaning there is no damage or irritation to the skin when using.

This form of treatment is highly effective and recommended to those that want to improve their skin, as it is effective in the production of increasing up to 1000% of the skins natural collagen and also improves the absorption of products used via the skin up to 10,000 times, which is a staggering number that can truly transfer an individual’s skin. This treatment is a natural method that fights aging skin in a unique way and has been for over 10 years with skin needling, which makes it a highly effective method. There are no toxic chemicals or harmful products used with this treatment which reassures those who may have used alternative skin treatments in the past and have harmed their skin.

The product produces no negative effects after use as it has hypoallergenic nickel and metal free derma roller systems that guarantee safe skin when skin needling. For those that have allergic reactions to most metals, this product can still be used as the roller is metal free and the needles are safe with no stubborn side effects after the treatment. The micro needles are also attached by a single mold that is biocompatible polymer which prevents the needle falling out due to its size and fragility. The nickel is rooted in different proportions in common micro needles and as a result can be harmful to the skin when using however because this product is biocompatible it can be all on practically all skin types and cause no risk or damage to the skin at all.

The skin needle roller itself is separately added into a case that is plastic to protect the micro needles so they don’t move around and maintain they sharpness. The needles are all sterilized via a machine and also tested for use and safety. They are also put in tamper evident packs so that they are in one area and are not prone to being contaminated. The case comes with the roller and is a solid and valuable asset to the purchase.

There are dual options also available with the needle, as the micro need roller is available as a derma roller that is 0.5mm model or alternatively a 1.00mm model that contains 192 micro needles more than the standard roller. The 1.00 mm model is excellent for anti-aging treatment in its effective manner. The standard model has 192 micro needles that have common uses for stretch marks, scars, cellulite and other anti-aging treatments as well as hair treatments. The dual option roller is great for stretch marks and hair loss and provides additional treatments for added value.

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