Micro-needling has been shown to create up to a 70% improvement in the appearance of scars. Since 2004 White Lotus has been the specialist in Holistic Microneedling. White Lotus products have been stocked in Harrods and Cult Beauty. They have received over 3,500 positive independent reviews.

    6 products

    6 products

    Scarring and Scar Reduction

    Scar reduction

    White Lotus has been clinically testing our scar removal remedies for over 10 years now, and our pioneering approach to scar reduction has helped thousands of people all over the world. We have managed to combine the use of completely certified organic products with the wonder of clinically tested skin needling.

    Be Rid of Scarring!

    When you use the micro needling techniques provided by White Lotus, you will be taking advantage of being able to visibly reduce scars by up to two grades! Our skin needling method works in a couple of ways:

    • The micro needling will help to break up tough scar tissue caused by misaligned collagen. At the same-time this technique actually helps to produce much needed collagen in the area being worked on.
    • Below this a totally new layer of collagen will be formed which helps to reduce the appearance of troublesome scars.

    White Lotus has a range of micro needling kits which can be used in conjunction with our Lotus roller skin needling roller. Traditionally, scar tissue is very difficult to deal with but there is an answer! You can use our skin needling products to help reduce the visibility on the types of scars you see below:

    • Ice Pick and Surgical Scars
    • Acne Scars
    • Caesarean and C Section Scars
    • Breast Reduction Scars
    • A wide range of hypertrophic scarring

    Recently, a trial was carried out to demonstrate just how effective a skin needling roller can be on scar removal. 37 people agreed to take part in this trial, and after being treated for 3 times per day with a skin needling roller, a massive 34 participant’s saw up to a 2 grade difference in the appearance of their scars (1).

    This is hardly surprising because skin needling rollers are proven to help re-produce more collagen whilst at the same-time breaking down misaligned collagen which is the reason scars form in the first place.

    Scars actually occur naturally in the body and are known as a group of enzymes called collagenase. When dermarolling takes place, the fibres are broken down. A new layer of collagen is then formed which aids in scar reduction and gives the skin a more youthful and healthy look.

    Lotus Scar Reduction Kits

    Scar Therapy Pack – This is the smallest pack in our range, and is best for working on scars that are more localised. It contains 1 x dermastamp, 1 x derma stamp cleaner and the White Lotus organic scar serum.

    Scar Reduction Pack – This kit in the White Lotus range is perfect for larger areas of the skin. In fact, it has even been very effective at helping to reduce hypertrophic scars. It contains a 0.5mm Lotus roller and a 1.0mm dermastamp. The stamp will help focus on the more isolated and troublesome spots whilst the roller can be used on larger areas, leaving you with an even appearance and much more youthful looking skin.

    White Lotus is a customer facing company and we stand behind our products 100%! We guarantee stability as well as sterility and on-going support is provided for as long as you need it.


    1. Majid, I.(2009). Micro needling Therapy in Atrophic Facial Scars: An Objective Assessment. J Cutan Aesthet Surg. Jan–Jun 2(1), 26–30.