Derma Roller Kit for Stretch Marks - Skin Needling Stretch Marks

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Skin Needling Stretch Marks- Derma Roller Kit Stretch Marks

Skin needling stretch marks can dramatically reduce the appearance of both red and white stretch marks. It does this by breaking down the old misaligned collagen fibres and inducing the creation of a whole new layer of smooth collagen and elastin.

Stretch marks or straie are a common issue. They are caused by a tearing of the skin during times of increased growth such as puberty and pregnancy. Straie can occur in a number of ways and on a number of parts of the body. The White Lotus stretch mark derma roller kit is specifically designed to tackle these issues

Why Use the White Lotus Stretch Marks Derma Roller Kit?

One word - quality.

White Lotus have been producing and selling custom derma roller kits since 2004. Every product in the range is uniquely tested in clinical situations to be the best available on the market.

So what does the kit include?

Every individual item in the kit has won multiple Awards

  1. 1.00 mm Hypoallergenic Dermaroller - This roller is unique in the market. The microneedles are formed from a biocompatable polymer. This polymer contains no metal so reacts less with sensitive skin. It is also ideal for those suffering from nickel allergy. Guaranteed to last a year
  2. Green Tea Oil - Green tea oil naturally penetrates the skin to nourish and protect the skin after microneedling. Oils penetrate more deeply than water based moisturisers. They are generally used less as they can cause acne break outs . Green tea oil however is non comodegenic so safe for all skin types. The green tea oil is infused with a unique blend of healing herbs to improve the results.
  3. Anti bacterial spray - The spray is formed from colloidal silver particles that kill 99.99% of bacteria. Colloidal silver is much more gentle on the skin than alcohol and ensures your dermaroller stays clean in between treatments.
  4. Full Online Instructional Video - As experts in skin needling White Lotus include the instructional video with every kit. The video shows the unique less invasive techniques developed in the White Lotus clinic. It is based on the best selling book 'Holistic Microneedling'. This is a must for anyone who values their skin.
  5. Brilliant Customer Support - White Lotus have been producing high quality skin needling kits for over 15 years. Contact our Australian support team at any time for genuine expert advice and support with any issue.

White Lotus Microneedling Stretch Marks Results

Microneedling can cause up to a 1,000 % increase in collagen production after a single treatment. Microneedling also initiates the a healing response which releases the enzyme collagenease. This natural enzyme naturally breaks down the old misaligned collagen to reduce the visible appearance of striae.

The above wound healing cascade is what makes derma roller stretch marks results so impressive.

Below we discuss some other specific case uses for the White Lotus Derma roller kit in which excellent results can be achieved.

Needling White Stretch Marks

White Stretch Marks otherwise known as striae alba are simply red stretch marks that have faded as they get older. Skin Needling can help break up this old torn collagen and lay down a new natural layer of smooth collagen in its place.

Striae turn from red to white as the blood vessels in the area begin to shrink over time. This unfortunately does not make them easier to treat as the skin is less well nourished.

Microneedling however can break up this old collagen and dramatically improve the appearance of old and in particular raised marks

Microneedling Old Stretch Marks

Old stretch marks usually turn white over time as the volume of blood vessels in the area reduce. They will still normally be raised. Microneedling can break up this raised collagen/ scar tissue and reduce the appearance of old stretch marks.

Microneedling Stretch Marks After Pregnancy

Pregnancy can rapidly stretch the skin causing new stretch marks across the stomach, thighs and breasts. Microneeding is a very natural way to reduce these marks straight after pregnancy. Used without any topical solutions it is also safe to use whilst breast feeding.

There are few treatments that are effective but relativity non invasive so can be used during this time.

Derma Roller Breast Stretch Mark

Breast striae can be assisted in the same way as those on the thighs and abdomen. Microneedling across the area with a 1.0mm derma roller will start to break down the scar tissue. This allows a new smooth layer of collagen to naturally form in its place.

Derma Roller Arm Stretch Marks

Arm striae are formed by the rapid stretching of the skin in the area causing the skin to tear. Dermarolling can break down this raised collagen and initiate the wound healing cascade. This allows the body to create a new layer of smooth collagen and therefore smooth skin in its place.

Microneedling at Home for Stretch Marks

Using the White Lotus Microneedling Kit allows you to perform these skin needling treatments easily and affordably at home. The 1.0 mm dermaroller is perfect for home use as it achieves results in a safe and comfortable way avoiding the need for anaesthetics.

The tiny needles penetrate through to the correct depth for collagen induction making it the perfect home derma roller.

Derma Roller for Stretch Marks Size

The ideal size derma roller to combat stretch marks is the 1.0mm needle size. This micro needle length is long enough to penetrate through the raised scar tissue but does not cause unnecessary damage to the healthy tissue below.

1.5 mm derma needle rollers for stretch marks or the 2 mm dermarollers for stretch marks can cause excessive tissue damage and bleeding. This causes longer recovery times. They are used under special conditions in clinic but should never be used as part of skin care home treatments. The 1.0mm remains the best derma roller size for stretch marks.


What are you waiting for. Go ahead with confidence and buy the best quality derma rolling kit available on the market.

The Hypoallergenic Dermaroller Kit for Stretch Marks and Cellulite contains

*White Lotus Biocompatible Polymer Dermaroller 
with 192 single mould microneedles of 1.0mm in length. It is machine assembled and sealed in tamper evident packaging. 

*The Natural Beauty Tool Cleaner 
50mL is delivered in a spray bottle containing 99.999% colloidal silver ions at 25ppm 

Organic Green Tea Oil 30mL

• PETA approved as vegan and cruelty free

• Made in the Australia


1. Camellia sinensis oil – Green tea oil

2. Grape seed oil

2. Astragalus membranaceus - Huang Qi: Lifts sagging skin

3. Lycium chinensis – Gou Qi Zi: A potent anti-oxidant

4. Panax ginseng – Ren Shen: Famously known as an ‘Energy tonic’, it is an adaptogenic herb

Please note all herbs are extracted in oil rather than ethanol. No ethanol products are used in this oil.

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