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The White Lotus Jade crystal comb is hand carved from genuine jade that is never chemically treated. Now you can use one finally crafted Jade crystal comb to enhance your hair and scalp and stimulate the acupuncture points across your entire body.

Like all White Lotus crystal products we are so confident in the quality we offer our unique lifetime guarantee on all crystal products

Jade Comb Benefits

Jade Combs have traditionally been used to massage the scalp and body. In doing so they not only untangle the hair they also gently stimulate the acupressure points to unblock the energy channels. These practices have been used for thousands of years and are a relaxing meditative experience.

The key benefits of the jade massaging comb are -

  • Gently smooths and nourishes the hair. This turns an every day chore into a relaxing ritual
  • Provides a deep relaxing scalp massage
  • Body combing works to increase energy flow, stimulate micro circulation to nourish the skin and releases stagnation

Jade Hair Comb Benefits

The 3 principle benefits to combing your hair with jade are-. 1. The smooth jade naturally caresses hair in a way plastic never could. 2. The comb gently stimulates the acupuncture points to improve health and concentration. 3. Combing your hair suddenly becomes a beautiful ritual you look forward to every day.

Body Combing Jade

Body combing has ancient roots and has only recently become a huge trend with upmarket beauty retailers. Body combing involves gently stroking the crystal comb along the limbs to stimulate the flow of blood and energy in the acupuncture channels of the body.

When using the jade stone comb for body combing it can be used with a good quality body oil or used alone.

Jade Comb for Cellulite

Body combing has more recently become very popular to assist cellulite. By gently stroking the jade comb across the skin you dramatically increase blood flow to the skin to nourish the area. The body brushing with the comb also improves lymphatic drainage to reduce swelling.

This can help benefit areas with increased fat accumulation in these areas and improve the appearance of the skin. In this way it acts as the ultimate beauty restorer comb.

How to Use Jade Combs

  1. To comb your hair gently run the comb through your hair from front to back. Where possible start on the right side as this is the way energy was believed to flow on the head.
  2. Where possible transform this process into a relaxing ritual that you can use to unwind and clear your mind every day.
  3. When body combing the limbs use gently pressure to comb up the out side of the arms and down the inside of the arms. The comb up the inside of the legs and down the outside of the legs. This is the way the energy channels traditionally flow on the limbs.
  4. Usually a smooth stroking action is recommended but small circular motions can also be used.
  5. Heavy pressure is not recommended but if you do use heavy pressure then always comb from the lower limb upwards on both sides of the limb. This will help improve venous drainage.

Chinese Jade Comb Use

The Pure Jade Luxury Crystal Comb for Silky Soft Hair has long been a staple in Chinese culture. It was traditionally more precious than any gold offering you could receive. Originally hailed as a "Gua sha comb," the uses were to focus on the acupressure points to increase health and to create silky flowing hair. 

The tops of our heads have 12 main areas of acupuncture channels according to the "Traditional Chinese Medicine point of view." As you go across them gently with your Pure Jade comb, you are arousing these points and enhancing your wellbeing. Utilizing one of these combs is a long standing Chinese tradition that focuses on keeping your hair radiant and shining. 

In Traditional Chinese medicine, "the hair represents the health of the Kidneys, Jing and the quality of the blood".

About the White Lotus Jade Comb

This is true elegance and absolutely in a class of its own. The crystal stone goes through the hair in a gliding manner untangling each piece of hair with its radiant soft texture. As it glides across your acupuncture points you are sure to experience a well being like never before. 

You can rest assured that you will be getting a one of a kind comb cut from jade stones. To top it off it will arrive in it's own magnificent silk lined box ("White Lotus Signature silk lined") that allows you to give it as a gift to the most favorable people on your list.

White Lotus is a specialist beauty company founded by 2 Australian acupuncturists. They were one of the first groups to bring the jade rollers and jade Gua Sha to Australia.

The key feature of the White Lotus Jade Crystal Comb are-

  1. Genuine ethically mined jade crystal
  2. Hand carved without the use of chemical treatments that change the structure of the jade
  3. Delivered in a beautiful silk lined gift and storage box
  4. The unique White Lotus lifetime guarantee on all crystal product sold
  5. Local expert Australian customer service for over 15 years

The Pure Jade Luxury Crystal Comb for Silky Soft Hair is not only luxurious and prestigious, it is excellent for your health.

Dimensions of the Jade Comb

The product is carved by hand, which may result in slight variations.
The comb is 11cm long and 6cm wide
The silk lined box is 19cm by 11cm by 4.5cm

The White Lotus Crystal combs include:  

  • A very dedicated customer support  
  • A lifetime guarantee under normal usage  
  • Silk Lined Box 
  • 30 plus years of professional expertise 

Customer Reviews

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Joseph F
Anniversary Gift

I brought this for my wife as I wanted to buy her something different that was special for her anniversary. She adores crystals and was the most excited she has ever been when she opened it and loves using it every day, thank you.

Pure Ritual

Has transformed the way I comb my hair!

Thank you White Lotus!

Since I do not like to use all kinds of products in my hair, I decided to try the Jade Crystal comb to help smooth out my long frizzy hair. The results are amazing, not only do I feel relaxed after each combing session, but my hair is smoother and healthier than ever!


Really loved this it has transformed the start of my day. Definitely recommend it!

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Tallia Storm