19 Momme Pure Silk Pillowcase - Reduces Wrinkles and Hair Loss

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Best Silk Pillowcase Australia - 100% Pure Silk Pillowcase

White Lotus have been first introduced the term anti aging silk pillowcase into Australia in 2007. Anthony and Kamila had spent extensive time in China continuing their acupuncture studies. Silk was commonly used there to reduce the visible signs of aging on the skin.

On their return to Australia they decided to introduce this concept through their popular cosmetic skin needling clinic. They went on to feature on national television and the rest is history as they say.

The White Lotus silk pillowcase continues to set the standard across Australia. Read on to learn more about what is simply the best silk pillowcase for skin.

The White Lotus pillowcase contains around 60% more silk than the average silk pillowcase!

Why Use a Pure Silk Pillowcase?

  1. Silk forms a natural moisture barrier against the skin. This barrier stops moisture leeching out of the skin over night. By preventing this dehydration of the skin the 100 mulberry silk pillowcase naturally prevents wrinkles. It is worth noting that cotton pillowcases do the opposite and that a satin pillowcase does not contain the same protective proteins and so cannot naturally protect sensitive skin.
  2. The proteins in silk form a natural layer on hair. This proteins protects and nourishes hair. This is combined with the lack of friction formed by silk. This stops hair being pulled out over night. No more hair on the pillow in the morning.
  3. By coating the hair and avoiding friction the silk pillowcase will also avoid frizzy hair. No more waking up looking like you had a really rough night!

Best Silk Pillowcase Australia

Why use the White Lotus 100% Pure Silk Pillowcase?

  1. Genuine 19 momme silk : This is thicker than most pillowcases on the market. This was the standard in wealthy homes in ancient China. In recent years many companies are claiming to be 19 momme or thicker. Most arent as you unfortunately discover soon after you first wash them.
  2. Larger Oxford style : Using queen size and creating the extra overhang means using roughly twice the silk as many cases on the market. So why do it? Simple it avoids rough edges and looks better. Why spend the money on silk and then have your bedroom look cheap and nasty. This is a genuinely stylish silk pillowcase.
  3. Charmeuse mulberry silk : to outlast and feel better than lower quality thread counts.
  4. Beautiful Colour Schemes : calming Pearl Grey, Navy or White silk pillowcases are neutral enough to fit into any bedroom colour schemes.
  5. Fully machine washable : This may seem a trivial point until you are hand washing your poor quality pillowcase weekly as it disintegrates in the washing machine!
  6. Beautiful Gift Box : Each of the pillowcases are presented in a unique gift box. This makes it the ideal gift for someone special.
  7. 100% Australian owned and operated company : We provide detailed email and phone support in the unlikely event you ever need assistance with your new pillowcase.
  8. Guaranteed to last 1 year: Our pillowcases last a year of continual normal use.

The White Lotus Silk Pillow Case in Pearl Grey, white or navy is specifically designed to reduce hair loss and wrinkles formation overnight. By reducing friction - known to tear out hair and make creases in the skin. Silk also helps to trap moisture, creating a barrier to keep your skin hydrated.

The case itself is of the highest quality; made of 100% Mulberry silk, 19 momme making your pillow case a wise, durable investment. It is also Machine Washable and the Pearl Grey colouring, particularly is neutral enough to fit into all bedroom colour schemes.

You can also simply slip it over your regular pillow case for the night if you prefer.

Ethical Silk Pillowcase Australia

White Lotus uses only peace of ahimsa silk. This means the moths are allowed to emerge from the cocoons alive to then mate and continue on with their lifespan.

Other methods actually kill the worm as part of the silk harvesting. This is not only unethical and unsustainable but means the silk products cannot be enjoyed by those who reject cruelty to animals.

The Mulberry Silk Pillowcase Australia - Originally an Ancient Chinese Beauty Secret

Sleeping with a silk pillow case is an ancient Chinese beauty secret. In fact, it’s well known that after China discovered silk they chose to keep it a secret from world for nearly 2000 years! It was only finally brought to the rest of the world by a brave and discontented princess escaping an unhappy relationship.

Once as difficult to obtain as gold it has never been easier to buy silk pillowcases. Be sure to look for the best quality silk cases. Poor quality cases do not last and you will be replacing them regularly.

Of particular importance are the style, thickness and seller. Oxford style is a much more luxurious style that better suits most well loved bedrooms.

The importance of the thickness and the seller are intertwined. It is almost impossible for most people to determine the momme thickness so be sure you trust the seller. If not your thinner than described pillowcase will simple disintegrate in your washing machine in a matter of months.

Also known as the Anti aging pillow case and Hair loss pillow case, The White Lotus silk pillowcase really gives definition to the term ‘beauty sleep’.

Which other product can deliver so many benefits while you simply sleep?

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  • Available in Pearl Grey , Navy and White.
  • These pillow cases are Charmeuse mulberry silk and are 19 momme.
  • This is the thickest silk commonly available in Queen size. This makes our pillow cases of the highest quality.
  • Fully machines washable they last for years.
  • Please check the quality of cheaper imitations.
  • The pillow cases fit a standard size pillow and are machine washable.
  • The silk is ethically harvested, the worms are not killed in the process and go on to become mate and live out their lifespans

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