Silk Hair Cap - Silk Lined Hats for Natural Hair

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Silk Hair Cap - Silk Lined Hats for Natural Hair

Silk is a natural environmentally sustainable fabric. The smooth weave of silk has been used for thousands of years to prevent hair being torn out and reduce frizzy hair. Research has shown that silk proteins can adhere to the keratin in the hair helping keep hair straight and strong (1).

The White Lotus silk sports caps are stylish and designed to blend in with other natural caps. There is no intrusive branding and nothing to indicate that the hats are in fact silk lined.

Silk is strongly anti bacterial and anti fungal. It can prevent odours from sweat developing in your cap.

Silk is also a smooth fibre unlike cotton so is less likely to irritate skin conditions and inflammation.

Benefits of the White Lotus Silk Cap

  1. Does not Tear out hair - Silk textiles are very smooth and create virtually no friction. This means thinning hair is not torn out during daily activities. No more hair inside your cap after exercise!
  2. No more Frizzy Hair - Silk is smooth and does not create the friction that makes your hair stand up. Additionally silk proteins line the hair creating a perceptible film that protects and keeps hair straight.
  3. No more smell - Silk is anti bacterial and anti fungal. It also naturally resists mold and mildew. This allows it to reduce odours from sweat. This is especially important in sports caps which can be hard to wash.
  4. Better for skin conditions - Extensive research has shown silk to be useful in managing both dermatitis and eczema (2). The silk lined sports cap may be of benefit to those suffering from skin conditions of the head and scalp. Silk is a smoother fibre than cotton and so less likely to aggravate inflamed skin.
  5. Discreet - The caps carry no heavy branding and look just like normal sports caps. There is nothing to indicate that the hat is silk lined or any different from anyone elses
  6. Specialist knowledge - White Lotus is a specialist Australian company that has been delivering the best anti aging secrets of China to Australians for over 15 years. Contact us directly if you ever develop an issue with the cap or need specialist advice.
  7. Lasts 1 year- This sports cap is guaranteed to last 1 year.

silk cap

Mulberry Hat Silk

The White Lotus caps use only a 100% pure silk lining in all its caps. This is a strong natural weave designed to demonstrate resilience and strength.

If anyone has ever tried to purchase a silk beanie hat you quickly realise that quality silk does not stretch enough to make the beanie truly wearable. The harder frame of the sports cap is the ideal structure in which to employ fine quality mulberry silk which is a champion hat silk.

Ethical Silk

The silk is ethically harvested, the worms are not killed in the process and go on to become mate and live out their lifespan.

Pure Silk Sleep Cap

Many people choose to wear a silk night cap or silk hair cap for sleeping. These give the benefits of silk such as not pulling out hair and no more bed head while you sleep. However the feedback we receive from many of our customers is that they find wearing a hat to bed uncomfortable and inconvenient.

They can be embarrassing and often fall off during the night. The better option for most people is a silk pillowcase. This provides similar benefits but is subtle, sensuous and a point of style in the bedroom.

This can be combined with the silk cap during the day. In this way you can nourish and protect your hair day and night without undue attention.

Silk Hats for Cancer Patients - Silk Chemo Caps

The White Lotus silk lined cap is ideal for patients who are suffering hair loss as a result of cancer treatments. The silk is more gentle and on damaged hair and more supportive during the regrowth stage.

It should be noted that the White Lotus silk sports cap does not cover the entire hair line. Hair loss at the back and sides of the head will still be visible. If complete discretion is your aim then a silk scarf or full wrap around silk chemo hats are a better option.

silk hair cap

About the White Lotus Silk cap

The silk cap is specifically designed for people who suffer from hair loss, frizzy hair, scalp irritation and odours. It can also benefit anyone who simply wants a stylish hat and wants to look after their scalp and hair.

The silk cap is unisex and adjustable at the back to fit any head size.

It comes in 3 colour combinations to choose from

  1. White hat silk
  2. Navy Blue

In each case the silk is the same colour as the outer lining to present a discreet seamless finish.

Go ahead and try the Silk lined cap today. It will be the start of years of better hair and scalp health.


1. Voegeli R, et al. Sericin silk protein: unique structure and properties. Cosmetics and toiletries. 1993;108:101-108.
2. Koller DY1, et. al. (2007) Action of a silk fabric treated with AEGIS in children with atopic dermatitis: a 3-month trial. Pediatr Allergy Immunol. 2007 Jun;18(4):335-8.


Silk Sports cap

Available in 3 colours
Light Blue
Navy Blue

unisex one size fits all with Adjustable band 

LIning 100% 19 momme silk 

The silk is ethically harvested, the worms are not killed in the process and go on to become mate and live out their lifespans

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Nice Cap

For the price this cap is great value and it stops my hair looking bad after sport. It looks great and is a good style, I have the sky blue and white one, I leave one in my car. My mates are getting them too as they are having hair treatments. Would recommend.

Great Cap

I brought this as I am tired of wearing a nomral sports cap when exercising and feeling all sweaty around the rim on hot days. It is so cool and comfortable to wear and feels great, the opposite of a standard cap. Well worth it if you spend a lot of time wearing caps outdoors. My hair also looks better when I remove it.

Matt T
Really cool

I have been noticing a few hairs on the inside of my cap lately. It looks like the cap has been pulling them out as my hair is thinning and I get this at night as well. I have tried this cap for a week now. Clearly no hairs on the inside of the cap when I take it off. It is obviously not a cure but every little bit helps so I am really glad I bought it.


I play tennis regularly and find it hard to find a cap that is hardy, looks good and keeps teh sun off. I have got used to getting a sweaty head when playing sport with a cap on , which is why I was interested in this cap. Having tested it for several weeks, I do not seem to sweat on the head or hairline and also when I take it off, my hair still looks good, not like a scruffy mess. The fabric of the hat is like a denim, so very strong and the silk inside is very soft an comfortable. It has an adjustable strap at the back which is great as I have a large head. I will be getting a few more as I like the colour options- I brought white originally , the blues look nice too. This is a well made and thought out product that does make you feel more comfortable and look better.

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