Rose Quartz Comb - Natural Chemical Free Crystal for Silky Luxurious Hair

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Rose Quartz Comb - Rose Quartz Crystal Comb

Looking for a prestigious and luxurious gift for the loved ones in your life?  The Rose Quartz Comb for the Ultimate Crystal Combing experience is what you must have then.  

Made by White Lotus to ensure a soothing, safe, effective product that helps stimulate your well being through the scalp and body with every use. 

The company maintains using the traditional medicine systems of China.

This is one of the combs that White Lotus offers and go back to a tradition in the east that continues to this day in our modern world.   You will see your hair becoming soft and radiant  and at the same time being stimulated at the scalp to provide a soothing, relaxed feeling of inner health. 

The combs are originally a "Gua Sha Comb" to help with acupressure points on the scalp.  It can also be used as a gua sha comb on the body to firm and tighten the skinComing from Grade A natural Rose Quartz stones, these handcrafted combs will always be unique in style as they have no treatment on them, they are all natural.  Wrapped in a White Lotus silk lined box, the recipient will feel like Royalty when they receive theirs.

These Crystal Combs are so in demand that that you need to be quick, we frequently sell out

Spirituality and love is what the crystal Rose Quartz is.  Energy is abundant and radiant causing this stone to be in high demand and used virtually all around the world.  Those in prominent settings, the rich and most influential are able to afford these so that they were able to bring exquisite beauty into their daily grooming.  Nobility of China used these combs frequently.

Going back thousands of years to  "Traditional Chinese Medicine," the use of these combs on ones scalp brings out radiant beauty both inner and outer to those that use them.  One's scalp has many channels going from the hair line to the base of the neck and using these combs help stimulate and relax those channels.  Doing this will aid in the flow of blood to the face and hair in order to maintain a glowing complexion and fabulous looking hair.  In China this is the most common type of acupressure.

Again, with the anticipation of the Rose Quartz Comb for the Ultimate Crystal Combing experience to be in high demand, head on over to the White Lotus website and pre-order yours today. This prestigious comb would be a delight for any of your favorites on your lists.  Excellent for birthdays, special events or just because I'm thinking of you, your recipient would feel like a million dollars upon receiving.

Dimensions of the Rose Quartz Comb

11cm long 6 wide As this product is hand carved slight variations may occur
Silk Lined Box
 19cm 11cm 4.5cm

Customer Reviews

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Sally Freeman

This is such a special crystal tool. I love using it and it feels soothing and nourishing. Love the storage box, it is my self love, self care ritual.

Scalp Combing

I love using this on my scalp to massage acupressure points and for a deep relaxing massage. I also use it on my back. It is stunning and I love the box it comes in,

Rejuvenates and Revitalizes

A friend of mine once told me about the Rose Quartz comb and how well it worked for her. I decided to buy one and test it out to help me relax and it is fantastic. I brush my hair with this com in the mornings and evenings and it rejuvenates and revitalizes me every time! As a bonus, my hair looks fantastically smooth and radiant!

Simply Beautiful

I read about these and had to try one. The product arrived quickly in a silk lined box which was nice. The crystal is really lovely. I like the rose colour more than the green ones I have seen elsewhere. My aim was to take the dreariness out of combing my hair every day and make it more of a special event. I was surprised how good the comb is at really removing knots. I thought it would probably be more of a novelty but it really does work as a comb as well as looking and feeling great.

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"I absolutely love using my derma roller from White Lotus, it has helped my scarring and it keeps my skin smooth and rejuvenated.”

Bethan Wright

"I only trust the white lotus genuine rose quartz crystal to de puff my face - i love the colour & aesthetic and the post application results are incredible”

Tallia Storm