Rose Quartz Roller Australia - Rose Quartz Face Rollers

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Rose Quartz Roller Australia - Rose Quartz Face Rollers

For the longest of times, the beautiful rose quartz crystal has been known as the crystal of love and a natural healing stone. It comes as no surprise that Greek mythology tells us that Aphrodite - the Goddess of love - rushed to her lovers aid only to catch herself on a briar bush. Thus her blood stained the plain quartz pink for eternity.

The White Lotus rose quartz face roller Australia is the premium rose quartz roller currently available in Australia. The guaranteed real rose quartz face roller is never chemically treated and comes with the unique White Lotus lifetime guarantee on all crystal products.

Rose Quartz Roller Benefits

As for distinct advantages, you’ll see it’s effects as soon as you add it to your daily routine. When using the rose quartz roller gently, the roller will instantly start nourishing the skin and assist in your skin care program

By applying the roller, the pores in the area will close naturally, the lymphatic drainage will improve, congestion will be reduced and micro-circulation will be boosted to tonify your skin.

The best thing about these particular massage tools is that since the crystals are gentle and non invasive, you can use the roller on a daily basis.

Unique White Lotus Rose Quartz Face Roller Benefits

When you decide to buy from White Lotus, the Rose Quartz Rollers are guaranteed to be:

  • Hand crafted as individually as you yourself.
  • Genuine jewellery grade natural crystal
  • A stunning white silk lined box included in order to protect and nurture the roller
  • Brass clips that are thicker and stronger: a signature of White Lotus. They’re used to avoid breaking or injury.
  • Exclusive support from White Lotus along with a lifetime guarantee.

Why a Chemical Free Roller of Rose Quartz?

Looking at the rose quartz in more detail, the crystal itself is incredibly hard, however it can be easily shattered during the carving process. It’s for this reason that many producers use chemical treatments in order to soften the rose quartz, preventing it from breaking.

While many companies do do that, White Lotus is the exception. We never use chemical treatment on our crystals. As a result, the rollers that are crafted will produce a smooth surface on your skin that you will enjoy and they will retain the energetic properties of the original crystal.

Does the Rose Quartz Roller Really Work?

Short answer yes. It will instantly ease congestion and swelling especially around the eyes. It increases micro-circulation, improves lymphatic drainage and the coolness of the rose roller helps close pores.

However you dont only have to take our word for it. Crystal roller beauty tools are highly recommended by Gweneth Paltrow, Victoria Beckham, Kylie Minogue, and Naomi Campbell.

How Do You Use a Rose Quartz Facial Roller?

The key principles are to always gently roll upwards and outwards to lift and stretch the skin. Traditionally it is best to start on the right side of the face as this is the direction than energy flows. Start at the bottom of the face or neck and work upwards.

All White Lotus Rollers come with full instructions on use and you can also see our blog section which has an extensive range of instructions and ideas for use.

Rose Quartz Roller Results

Results from using your rose quartz face roller regularly will normally include an improvement in complexion and colour, reduced swelling and puffiness from the increased lymphatic drainage and more tightly closed pores from the cooling effect of the roller.

Rolling regularly will also improve the natural blood circulation and blood flow to improve the skins health.

Which sized Rose Quartz Stone Roller is Best for you?

So why do we have 3 models you might ask? Well these three models are aimed to make treating certain areas easier. In other words each roller is targeting a specific area of the skin.

If you go for the medium sized, you’ll find it’s ideal to pamper areas of your face like your cheeks and forehead.

For the small sized roller it’s great for rolling around your eyes and great for the harder to reach parts of your face.

When you are using this roller though be wary that you aren’t using a different brand of roller. Some other rollers include wire brackets for their smaller rollers which can cause damage to your skin if the head isn’t attached properly.

When you buy from White Lotus, the brass brackets are always smooth and stronger so you’ll avoid that unnecessary risk. It is one of the reasons we can offer a lifetime guarantee.

Lastly is the larger roller which is a double headed roller. This provides you with an even larger roller you can use for your forehead and cheeks and also has a spot for the small sized roller too allowing you to treat delicate areas around the eyes as well. The best of both worlds!

White Lotus Rose Quartz Face Roller Wholesale Australia

White Lotus also supplies an array of boutique clinics and retailers throughout Australia. The rollers are in high demand as for daily clinical use they are stronger than inferior copies and thrive under such use. They also come with the unique lifetime guarantee something no other wholesaler would have the confidence to offer.

White Lotus Rose Quartz Roller Set

Want the entire experience? Please see our Rose Quartz Crystal Facial which allows you to experience a complete crystal make over including the Rose quartz Gua Sha, natural face oil and our unique real crystal serum.

But dont just trust us go ahead and buy the rose quartz facial roller today. You will not be disappointed!

Dimensions of the Small Rose Quartz Crystal Rollers 

 Small Roller Head 2.5cm wide, 2 cm diameter
, Total Length 12cm
Silk Lined Box 
19cm, 11cm, 4cm

Dimensions of the Medium Rose Quartz Rollers 

Roller head 4.5cm wide, 2cm diameter, Total roller length 12cm
Silk Lined Box 
19cm, 11cm, 4cm

Dimensions of the Double Headed Rose Quartz Crystal Roller 

13.5cm long, Large roller head 4.5cm wide, 2cm diameter, Small Roller Head 2.5cm wide, 2 cm diameter

Silk Lined Box
19cm, 11cm, 4cm

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