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Article: Derma Roller Size Guide - Best Size Needles for Derma Roller

Derma Roller Size Guide - Best Size Needles for Derma Roller

Derma Roller Size Guide - Best Size Needles for Derma Roller

The derma roller size refers to the length of the microneedles on the roller. Different needle lengths are better for different purposes. 0.5mm derma rollers are ideal for most uses on the face while 1.0mm derma rollers are often better for use on scars and the scalp.

Below we run through the main derma roller uses one by one with recommended needle lengths for each one. There is also a quick reference table to help you quickly select the correct micro needle length for you.

The recommendations work equally well for stainless steel microneedles as well as the new biocompatible polymer microneedle rollers.

First we need to quickly establish exactly what reactions each micro-needle length creates in the skin.

best size needles for derma roller

0.25 mm Derma Roller Uses

A 0.25 mm dermaroller is too small to pass through the epidermis into the dermis. It is therefore unable to initiate new collagen induction. By penetrating the epidermis it does increase transdermal absorption through the skin. This can be beneficial for skin care when used with safe natural cosmetic products.


0.5 mm Derma Roller Uses

This is the most commonly used dermaroller length. It is the shortest microneedle that will effectively increase collagen production. This allows it to deliver fresher and smoother skin with the least amount of tissue damage. It is very popular for beauty treatments both at home in clinic.

1.0 mm Derma Roller Uses

This is a good all round length when the microneedles need to pass through scar tissue or hair to reach the scalp. Slightly longer than the 0.5mm so it can pass through thin scar tissue like acne scars and still create collagen induction below the scars.

1.5 mm Derma Roller and longer Uses

Longer microneedles are sometimes used in clinic in particular to treat medical conditions such as burn scars. Microneedles us to 3.0mm long can be used in these situations. This is a very invasive medical procedure and these needle lengths should not be used at home.

derma roller needle length

What size derma roller should I use on my face?

For regenerating the skin on the face a derma roller 0.5 mm in length is the most useful. This is perfect for general beauty treatments as it inducts collagen and increases transdermal absorption. If you wish to treat scarring then longer microneedles will be needed.

So in answering the question what size microneedles for the face it depends on the condition on the face and we discuss further options below including the 1mm derma roller for the face.

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What size derma roller for under eyes?

The 0.5mm roller will work best as it will induct new collagen in the area. However in some cases you may only want to increase the absorption of an eye cream. In these cases a 0.25mm roller is sufficient and will be less sensitive in this delicate area.

In the sensitive eye area it can be an advantage to use the hypoallergenic dermarollers to reduce reactions.

Best derma roller needle size for acne scars?

In most cases the 1.0mm roller is the best microneedling size for acne scars. It is long enough to penetrate through the relatively thin acne scar tissue and stimulate the healthy tissue underneath. This will initiate the wound healing cascade to break down the old collagen and replace it with fresh healthy skin.

Ice pick scars and other acne scars do not tend to be very thick and this can be performed at home or in clinic. In rare cases where large cysts have formed very thick scar tissue then a 1.5mm Derma roller needle length for acne scars may be required. If this is the case the treatment should be performed in a clinical situation.

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What size derma roller for beard rolling?

There is plenty of evidence to show that used correctly micro-needling can stimulate hair growth on the scalp. It's affects as a beard growth kit have never been studied. Anecdotally patients report thickening of hair in the beard area using a 0.5mm roller or a 1.0mm roller if the beard is already well established.

Derma rollers for beard growth are therefore unproven but most likely will increase facial hair growth in the same way they increse scalp hair growth.

You may also want to roll across the area to improve the quality of the skin below the beard and the beard may simply be in the way. In these cases it is often better to use a 1.0 mm roller. Beards are quite springy and can act as a barrier to the needles properly penetrating the skin.

The extra length of a 1.0 mm microneedle ensures that they skin is treated successfully below the beard. If using beard oil make sure that the beard oil is as natural as possible as the microneedling will increase the absorption of this oil into the skin.

What size dermaroller for hyperpigmentation?

The 0.5 mm dermaroller is the best size to assist hyperpigmentation and melasma. Hyperpigmentation can be difficult to treat with microneedling. A test patch should always be done first to see how the skin reacts before proceeding with treatment.

As hyperpigmentation is a tricky subject we have done another blog and video which describes the treatment and potential results in detail. We do recommend the hypoallergenic bio-polymer derma rollers in these cases as they are less reactive than stainless steel.

derma roller for stretch marks size

What size derma roller should I use for hair loss?

A 1.0mm derma roller is the best length to assist hair loss. The extra length ensures the microneedles can pass through the remaining hair to reach the scalp below. In cases where there is virtually no hair in the area a 0.5mm roller can be used but these cases rarely achieve good results.

Unlike face treatments the mechanism by which dermarollers assist hair loss is not collagen induction. It appears to directly stimulate the hair follicles and also increase the absorption of products that can benefit the scalp.

If all the hair follicles in the area area completely dead then it is less likely that you will achieve great results. For this reason the derma roller 1mm for hair loss which allows you to pass through existing hair remains the best size dermaroller for hair loss.

The extra length allows it to pass through any remaining hair in the area and is therefore the best derma roller needle size for hair.

It is also worth noting that dermastamps of 1.0mm in length are often better used on the scalp. They have the advantage that hair does not get tangled in the axel of the roller and torn out. This is very counter productive when treating hair loss.

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What size derma roller for the scalp?

When assisting hair loss on the scalp a dermaroller 1 mm in length is the best size derma roller. The extra derma roller length allow the microneedles to pass through any remaining hair to successfully penetrate the scalp.

What size derma roller for neck?

The neck contains a variety of delicate structures. It is best to use shorter 0.5mm needles in this area and only light pressure in an upward direction. For men where a beard is present and cushioning the skin a 1.0mm roller may be required to pass through the hair.

Derma roller needle length for scars other than acne Scars?

For caesarean scars, ice picks scars, light burn scars and most surgical scars a 1.0mm roller is sufficient to achieve results. If you are dealing with thicker scars like severe burn scars then a longer microneedle may be required and this must be done in a medical environment.

Microneedling can benefit both raised (hypertrophic scars) and sunken (hypotrophic scars). It should however never be used on keloid scars which continue to grow as microneedling may stimulate this growth.

Derma roller for stretch marks size?

The dermaroller 1.00 mm is the best dermaroller length for assisting striae. This is long enough to pass through the raised scar tissue in the area , increasing blood circulation and stimulating collagen production for new smooth skin in the area.

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Derma roller size for cellulite?

The 1.0 mm microneedling roller is the best option for assisting cellulite on the thighs buttocks and abdomen. It can stimulate new collagen production to strengthen the skins matrix to better contain the fat cells in the area.

 Treatment Ideal Needle Length
Product Absorption Only 0.25mm
Facial Collagen Induction 0.5mm
Under the Eyes 0.5mm
Neck 0.5mm
Stretch Marks 1.0mm
Cellulite 1.0mm
Hair Loss 1.0mm
Acne Scars 1.0mm
Burn and other deep scars 1.5mm +

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