Since 2004 White Lotus has created the world's finest beauty tools to help combat cellulite. Choose from sensitive skin micro-needling or less invasive crystal rollers and cupping to effectively improve the appearance of cellulite naturally.

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    11 products

    Cellulite Treatment for Cellulite Reduction

    Cellulite can be embarrassing and ugly because of its dimpled appearance, and the main reason it happens is because fat cells push their way through the layer of elastin and collagen under the skin. When you have a healthy layer of both elastin and collagen, this will stop fat cells from swelling thus creating a smooth surface on the outside.

    White Lotus uses an all natural micro-needling techniques in cellulite treatment. It helps to create a smooth layer of healthy collagen and the skin needling roller is perfect for smoothing out the skin so you don’t get the dimpled effect cellulite can cause.

    The Cellulite Packs from White Lotus can help cellulite reduction in several ways:

    • The skin needling rollers produced by White Lotus will help to break up collagen that has become misaligned whilst at the same-time, creating a new and healthy layer of collagen that will stop fat cells from breaking their way through to the surface. This creates smoother looking skin with no dimples! In fact, our skin needling products can help the production of collagen in the skin by up to 1000% after just one cellulite treatment! (1)
    • White Lotus skin needling rollers will also assist the skin so it can absorb serums and anti-cellulite creams much more efficiently. Allowing the active ingredients to work their magic where they are needed most.
    • The organic cellulite serum produced by White Lotus is designed to increase blood circulation and warm the area being treated which helps the overall result.

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