White Lotus in the Media


Newspaper and Magazine Articles, Demonstrations and Workshops at Exhibitions, Television and Radio Interviews Featuring White Lotus :

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Speaking Engagements

Health Harmony & Soul Expo , Brisbane Convention centre,  3rd October 2009, Anthony Kingston Presented a workshop - “The lost connection between beauty and health and how to re-establish it. How to re-establish the connection yourself at home with the specialists in Traditional Chinese Beauty techniques"

Health Harmony & Soul Expo , Brisbane Convention centre,  2nd October 2009,Workshop presented by Kamila Kingston "Traditional Chinese Face reading. How to identify and improve the main areas of your face associated with health conditions and areas which represent blockages in manifesting your life purpose"

“Cosmetic Acupuncture, A Natural Alternative to Botox or Surgery”- Seminar Presented by Anthony Kingston at the Mind Body Spirit festival, Brisbane, June 2009

“An Holistic Approach to Health”-Speech presented by Kamila Kingston at the Griffith University Professional Women’s Network breakfast, 17th July 2008.

"Cosmetic Acupuncture a natural Alternative to Botox or Surgery”- Seminar Presented by Anthony Kingston at the Mind Body Spirit festival Brisbane, 27th June 2008

General Comments in the Media

“Its holistic approach appeals in particular to women who want to slow signs of aging, but don’t want to undergo surgery or to inject chemicals”

“Facial acupuncture stimulates the sagging in facial areas. The results were amazing.”