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The White Lotus Microneedling Hair Restoration Pack is the Perfect Treatment for You

Your answers have shown that the White Lotus microneedling Hair restoration pack is the perfect microneedling kit for your scalp. It contains a 1.0mm dermastamp.

Dermastamps are generally better for hair loss as the remaining hair can become entangled in the axel of the dermarollers. This can pull the hair out which is extremely counterproductive when assisting hair loss.

The pack also contains the saw palmetto and He shou wu treatment spray. These herbs have been used for centuries to combat hair loss and saw palmetto has been extensively researched for its restorative effects on hair.

The pack also contains the natural dermaroller cleaner which is vital for removing bacteria and keeping the roller hygienic in between uses.

Dont forget if you want to make the absolute most out of your treatments also check out our range of silk products.

Before and After of a 37 year old man after using the White Lotus skin needling treatments

Microneedling Hair Regrowth Kit

Scientifically Proven

Studies have shown that microneedling in conjunction with the correct solution can dramatically increase hair regrowth.


Want More?

Hair Loss Pillowcase

Tired of waking up with hair on your pillow in the morning? Silk pillowcases have been used for centuries in China to reduce and prevent hair loss.

Silk is naturally free of friction unlike cotton so it will not rip out your hair overnight.

The silk proteins also form a natural barrier around the hair protecting the hair and preventing frizziness.

Silk Lined Cap

Silk Lined Caps

Weak or thinning hair can easily be torn out. Once it is gone it is much harder to grow back than to save the existing hair.

The silk lined cap reduces friction so your hair is not pulled out by the rough lining inside most caps.

Additionally silk is anti fungal and anti bacterial reducing the odours caused by exercise